1. He didn’t have that kind of experience

The theme “Man and sex toys” is perceived differently. Perhaps he is uncomfortable discussing this, although in women the presence of such things has become the norm. On the other hand, now so many toys have been invented to please men! So if he strongly denies such discussions, this does not mean that he will never try anything.


2. He may be skeptical about toys in the bedroom.

It is unlikely that he will like anal beads and penis rings scattered around the bed, if he has not encountered this before. Therefore, it is worth starting with small harmless toys.

3. He might be jealous of your vibrator.

It sounds silly (and he knows!), but sometimes feelings don’t lend themselves to rationalization. Many men don’t care what you do when they’re not around, but if they find themselves, so to speak, face to face with a thing that can do the same thing… No wonder they feel awkward! Especially if they themselves are not very good at bringing you to orgasm.

4. And can use it for their own purposes

For example, offer a vibrator if you feel tired or just lazy. And this is the first step to “understanding” with sex toys!


5. He wonders how you clean them.

Can it be washed in a dishwasher? Has the correct remedy been chosen? Or maybe you don’t wash them at all? What if you forget? Lots of questions!

6. He doesn’t want surprises in the middle of sex.

Do not suddenly take out the vibrator in the process. Make sure he doesn’t mind it.

7. He wonders what else you have

Vibrator is understandable. Oh, are those nipple clips? But what is this thing for?

8. And he gets used

Perhaps before the very thought of a sex toy seemed terrible to him, but now he is happy to experiment with you. And that’s great.