1. You don’t have to ask him for it. He does it not only because you like it, but also because it turns him on. And you don’t have to slowly crawl higher and higher up the bed until his head, as if by chance, is in the area of ​​u200bu200byour pubis.
  2. He does not give up if the process drags on. And does not complain about the fact that the jaw reduces. Doesn’t utter anguished sighs between two tongue movements. Doesn’t drop everything halfway and switch to traditional sex. He is like an incorruptible fire inspector: until he is convinced that everything is in order here, he will not leave.
  3. You don’t owe him a blowjob for that. He just makes you feel good – for the sake of the process, and not for the result.
  4. Cunnilingus is a constant part of your foreplay. Sometimes you tell him, “Let’s have a quickie today, no preamble,” and he looks like he’s been robbed of his candy.
  5. … Not only preludes, but also interludes. This means: in the middle of regular sex with penetration, the guy pauses and goes down to your thighs. This is great because it increases your chances of catching up with him.
  6. He strives to do this even on days when it is not the most suitable period for this. Here is a real fan of oral sex. It doesn’t matter to him, even if he then looks like in that terrible joke: “He killed … And ate.”
  7. He’s really good at it. The man tried, practiced a lot, comprehended this science – and earned his black belt in cunnilingus.
  8. Sometimes it’s hard to stop him. You have already experienced a couple of orgasms, and he continues like clockwork. Yes, you got a true enthusiast of this business.