Masturbator in soft tube, limited edition


Inspired by the paintings of iconic New York artist Keith Haring, Tenga’s limited edition masturbator conveys the idea that sexuality should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Tenga Soft Tube is a disposable masturbator for complete control over sensations: its soft tube allows you to control the force of penis compression during masturbation. The inner surface is covered with numerous antennae and ribs, which enhance the effect of erotic massage. A special reservoir of lubricant keeps the entrance slippery, wet and pleasant. This sex toy is an absolutely simple but effective way to diversify your foreplay.


Price: 899 rubles.

Massager that heats up when the disc is bent

California Exotic Posh Warm Heart Massagers


And since we started talking about gifts that can diversify the pair game, we will definitely talk about this baby. The heating function of the disk is activated by bending, while it heats up to 54 degrees. To deactivate the massager, it must be placed in hot water, after which it can be used again. A nice touch for a sensual massage after a long day. You can give it with a hint, and without – as you want.


Price: 1016 rubles.

Compact vibrating bullet in the form of a bunny

Lola Toys Emotions Funny Bunny

We just love this vibrating bullet for its versatility. Firstly, it can be used as a small massager (for example, the ears of this bunny perfectly massage the neck), and secondly, if you need to get a quick discharge, a powerful motor will transmit vibration even through tight jeans. A great accessory for those who travel a lot or who have small children at home – hardly anyone would guess that this cute accessory was bought in a sex shop.


Price: 920 rubles.

G-Spot Waterproof Vibrating Massager


This is a gift from the category “I really want it, but you can’t buy it for yourself.” Little Dragon is a powerful waterproof G-spot vibrator. With its rounded shape and curved head, Adrien Lastic Dino works intensely on the desired area, while the wavy surface of the “back” creates an additional pleasant sensation. Convenient control allows you to easily switch between 8 vibration modes, choosing the desired intensity and rhythm.


Price: 2478 rubles.

Handcuffs connected by a chain

NS Novelties Sinful Wrist Cuffs

New Year is a time to try new things. Perhaps one of you has a fantasy of bondage wandering in your head for a long time – it’s time to realize it! When choosing handcuffs for your “first try”, opt for the unisex version – you never know for sure which one of you will end up wearing them. We also do not recommend purchasing metal “police handcuffs” for the first time, even with fur. Those who practice BDSM know: better textiles or leather that do not burn or leave marks. So, to make the practice enjoyable, you can try these handcuffs from NS Novelties. By the way, they are also inexpensive.


Price: 1999 rub.

Erection ring with clitoral stimulator

Adrien Lastic Bullet Lastic Ring


The erection ring is needed in order to delay male ejaculation, prolong sexual intercourse and make orgasm more vivid. However, this is not only a thing for a man: specifically in this ring, for example, in addition to a double (sic!) Ring to maintain a male erection, there is a powerful vibrating bullet for more sensitive caresses of the erogenous zones of partners and soft spikes and a long tongue to stimulate the clitoris and labia of the partner. In general, such a seemingly small thing can add bright colors to your intimate life.


Price: 1732 rubles.

Massage candle, rose

Those who have many friends and loved ones know how important it is to have a supply of gifts “just in case”. And, of course, the ideal option is if it’s not a box of chocolates or a set of shower gels. A small massage candle is a gift that will definitely be appreciated (even if they don’t say it out loud, they will definitely use it). She doesn’t even need gift wrapping anymore (minus one problem). And if suddenly after the holidays a couple of unclaimed ones remain, you use them yourself with great pleasure. During the burning of a massage candle, its body melts, which does not consist of wax, but of soybean oil with aromatic and cosmetic additives. The candle must be blown out, after which the melted oil is poured onto the body – it is not hot, slightly warmer than body temperature. The skin after such a massage will be tender and soft, but this is rather a pleasant bonus – thanks to the aphrodisiacs in the composition of the candle, the sensual continuation of the evening will not be long in coming.



Price: 760 rubles.

Gift set with aroma “Flirt”

Okay, let’s make an exception for gift sets – sometimes they are still good, especially if they are mainly intended for use by two. Gentle bath foam, fragrant massage oil, sweet body caramel, refreshing spray, rose petals, a floating candle and a plastic massager with rounded ends for more excitement – a ready-made set for a romantic ultra-category evening. If you like heavy romance, everything has already been collected for you and packed in a beautiful box. It remains to tie with a ribbon – and into battle.

Price: 2342 rubles.