1. Music

She can hide most of the ahs and sighs, so dissuade the family that it’s time to open gifts, turn on the music in the room and finally do something pleasant. Don’t forget to open the presents!


2. Choose poses face to face

Then you can communicate without words, kiss, look into the eyes. And cover each other’s mouths so that nothing gives you away.

3. Silent sex toys

A great option to diversify sex in silence is a toy that does not vibrate and does not sing throughout the house.

4. Pillows

They are comfortable to lie on, and you can also drown out moans in them if, for example, you took a doggy-style pose.

5. Move to the floor

If the head of the bed hits the wall, and the structure itself creaks mercilessly, it is worth replacing the bed with another comfortable surface. It is only better to lay a blanket under you or take a place on the carpet.

6. Bathroom

Running water hides most sounds. Just don’t forget that it can be slippery there. And you definitely shouldn’t close there for half an hour in the morning! And then, going out, you will find a crowd of dear family members outside the door.


7. Stay home

If you find it difficult to have sex quietly, be satisfied with touching for now and under any pretext do not go for a walk with everyone if the weather is fine.

8. Oral sex

It is not at all necessary to have regular sex if circumstances make it difficult to do so. Oral sex is also pleasant, and the sounds from it are much less.