Jennifer Aniston – “We’re the Millers”

In a touching family comedy, a drug dealer and a stripper pose as a decent American family. That’s how they portray themselves, to be honest. And in this scene, Aniston is forced to distract the attention of the mafia. In general, as he can – and distracts. You’d better not do this at home unless you’re renovating. And then you should not play with a crane and a winch.

Cher Moon Zombie – “Halloween 2007”

In the famous remake of Rob Zombie, Sher Moon, the famous “scream queen”, played the role of Debra, the mother of the masked maniac Michael Myers. But before Michael became a maniac, he was just a little boy, and Debra danced a striptease to the romantic composition Love Hearts.

Kim Basinger – “9.5 Weeks”

Who hasn’t tried to dance in front of the blinds to You Can Leave Your Hat On, fantasizing that you’re dancing to a young Mickey Rourke? Although the striptease scene is completely innocent for the modern viewer, maybe this is what it is good for.


Jennifer Aniston and other stars who had a passionate affair

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a passionate romance on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Pitt found himself in a delicate situation – his wife Jennifer Aniston was waiting for him at home. Cheating on the set led to the collapse of their five-year marriage.

Salma Hayek – “Dogma”

“A woman is made a woman by the intersection of two straight lines – her legs,” says the muse Serendipity and lifts her skirt to prove that she, unfortunately for Jay and Silent Bob, is not a woman.

Rebecca Romijn – “Femme Fatale”

Some call this film the best creation of Brian De Palma, others argue that the picture is absolutely meaningless, but we are not here for that, right? We admire the magnificent body of Rebecca Romijn and the tragic face of young Banderas.

Demi Moore – “Striptease”

Demi Moore played the role of a young divorcee Erin Grant, whose daughter was left by the court with her father, she herself lost her job. The only place she managed to get a job was a strip club (suddenly), where she turned out to be the best dancer.

Salma Hayek – From Dusk Till Dawn

And again in our selection, the beauty Salma. “The queen of darkness, the goddess of evil, the most cruel destroyer of souls that the earth has worn,” is how she is represented by the impresario of the club, which is owned by the character of Salma Santanico Pandemonium. Actually, Santanico, like all the vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn, looks like a humanoid reptile, but we’ll try not to think about it.

Elizabeth Berkley – Showgirls

Paul Verhoeven’s scandalous film is full of erotic scenes, but Elizabeth Berkley’s Nomi’s lap dance is one of the film’s hottest scenes. Critics still argue vehemently about the merits of the film, in which the actors appear more often naked than clothed.