• “Once my mother found a strapon in my closet. I noticed that things were shifted in the closet: she apparently folded the washed ones. And she couldn’t help but notice it! We didn’t talk about it, and both behaved as usual, but I’m still nervous “.

  • “I was washing and cleaning sex toys when my mom came into the bathroom. I thought no one was home! And she started asking questions about everything. In general, there was really no continuation, only once she asked if I was definitely doing safe sex. I replied that yes, and that there was nothing more to discuss. We did not discuss. ”

  • “I dreamed of staying at home alone and using a sex toy. I went to the bathroom and left it on the bed. And while I was in the shower, I heard that my stepmother was calling her name and was going to enter my room! She saw, because immediately but she stopped looking for me and left. I couldn’t look her in the eyes for a week! I was afraid that she would tell her father. Fortunately, she didn’t say anything. I threw the toy in the trash at the mall so that no one else would see anything. Now it’s funny to think about it And then it was very scary.”

  • “I left the vibrator in the shower. Mom came to me before bed and said that I needed to clean the bathroom. I tried to argue that it was clean, but she insisted. When I entered there, I understood what she meant!”

  • “I live with my parents, my mother found sex toys more than once. She works a lot, and when she is at home, she likes to clean up to a shine. At least twice she found toys in the closet, and did not leave them in place, but put them on top of washed clothes (Kill me, but that’s how it was).”

  • “When I was in my senior year, my mother entered the room, pointed to a vibrator glowing in the dark and asked (strictly and at the same time embarrassedly) what it was. I literally died on the spot! I blurted out that it was such a candle. I don’t know, I believed whether it is, we didn’t talk about it anymore.”

  • “Dad found my toy! He rearranged the furniture in my room. I asked for this for a month and at first I hid all the sex toys, but then I decided that there would be no rearrangement. In general, the vibrator caught his eye. Father, a believer, could not remain silent and started an unpleasant conversation. I started lying, he demanded an apology, in general, we had a fight for a couple of weeks.

  • “I love my mother very much, but how curious she is! I know that she is sometimes interested in things in my apartment when I am not at home. This is very annoying for both me and my husband. We see no reason to hide things in our own house! One day we decided play a prank on her and left a whole bag of things related to sex on the bed. Hoped that after that she would stop being curious. But somehow I forgot that my mother knows me too well! The next time we met, she said that she saw on our shelf new books, and wished her a pleasant journey through their pages, and with such a sly smile!

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