1. He is glad that everything will happen now

Most likely, both of you are not virgins and discussed something before moving into bed. But it is obvious that you can claim as much as you like that you can, for example, pilot a helicopter, but they will finally believe you when you fly. So he has a big responsibility, how not to fall face down in the dirt. On you, however, too!


2. He must have read something on the Internet

Even experienced people in sexual matters sometimes feel insecure and want to know more about popular positions and toys. And this is just for you.

3. He wants to be distracted

In order not to constantly think about what impression he makes on you, he probably tries to think about football (or helicopters, yes). It helps to relax a little.

4. Reality doesn’t match expectations

Even if you didn’t really succeed the first time, you are unlikely to discuss it. But reality is always different from what you both imagined, and this is worth remembering.

5. But he will try to find out if you liked it

All these crumpled conversations after sex are dedicated to how much you both enjoyed it.


6. He is overwhelmed by a storm of emotions

Gone are the days when it was believed that a man could not talk about his feelings. But whatever he doesn’t say out loud will be written on his face.

7. He doesn’t know where to put his hands

If you have not been dating for a very long time or have not discussed such issues, he may caress you not at all there and not in the way you would like. But don’t ask!

8. He wants to repeat

Maybe not right away, especially if you’re not sure of your reaction. But he will try to hint so that you agree. Actually, why not!