1. Your “secret desire, which is inconvenient to tell your wife” may accidentally turn out to be a secret desire of the wife, which she is not comfortable telling you about. If one of you nevertheless decides and “splits” – this can greatly decorate your life.
  2. “Size doesn’t matter” because it makes up for it with attention and skill. Everyone, probably, read collections of proverbs, in which the continuation was forgotten, and from this their meaning was distorted? “Two of a Kind (both left)“,” Alone in the field is not a warrior (a traveler)“… So it is here. Saying “size is not the main thing”, turning your back on your unsatisfied girlfriend and snoring is not cool, dear. It’s cool to know what position to choose, what angle of penetration, and be ready to work hard so that the young lady throws away the ruler and caliper and forgets about everything except your skill and desire to please her by any means.
  3. Often she does not need time to rest in order to “go on the second round.” If during the foreplay you bring her to orgasm, this does not mean that you are left without the main course. Many women will willingly go to him.
  4. Yes, it happens that you try your best, and she still can’t reach the climax. Please, never, under any circumstances, ask: “Well, are you coming soon?” After this phrase, nothing will work for sure.
  5. By the way, about the result: caresses are pleasant in themselves. If you did everything as she wanted, and it never led your friend to a discharge – who said that you “didn’t try hard”? You enjoyed kissing and touching rather than ticking the orgasm box. The main thing is that you tried to make her feel good. Imagine that you went to the park, rode the carousel, went boating, ate ice cream, bought a lottery ticket – but he did not win. Can’t you say that the day went by in vain?
  6. Sex during your period is not like life on Mars. He definitely exists. It has its pros and cons, so different women have different views on this. Do not trust jokes – ask your partner what exactly she thinks about it.
  7. Sex toys are not your competitors, but just additional entertainment. If she offered to use a vibrator in your games, this does not mean that she likes “this thing” more than your penis. If she liked this thing more, she wouldn’t invite you.
  8. If she suggested switching to a doggy-style position, this does not automatically mean anal sex. Most likely, you are offered to change the position, and not the way. Do you know what the most offensive consequence of such a misunderstanding is? If you’re using an unreliable form of contraception like interrupted intercourse and the woman turns her back on you and you misunderstand her, you think you’re already in another orifice (because in this position your vagina gets tighter if your partner tightens her hips) and you decide that now you can not control yourself … In a word, make sure that you both meant the same thing.