Help yourself with your hand

In fact, no matter how good this position is, it is almost impossible to achieve an orgasm in it without additional tricks. If you are a happy owner of closely spaced legs of the clitoris, then you will feel good with almost any stimulation, but not all women pulled out a lucky ticket. If you feel like you don’t feel enough, don’t be shy to plug in a rkki or a toy. Stroke and caress yourself with your fingers. Or take his hand and, so that it does not lie idle, put it on your clitoris.


lean forward

If the 90-degree position seems too deep for you, and the penetration is painful and abrupt, just lean forward. Place your elbows or palms on the sides of his head and continue moving in this way. So you change the angle of penetration to a less deep one. And if you move your hips a little more, it will be even smaller.

lean back

Another option for changing the angle is to place your hands behind you, thus leaning back. This way you can kill several birds with one stone: your boyfriend will be able to caress your breasts or clitoris, and you don’t have to meet his eyes if you don’t like eye contact during sex. The inconvenience is that if the penis is not very hard, it may slip out and you will have to find another angle.


Don’t take off your bra

If you’re going to have a wild ride and you’re a size larger than size 1, it can be a little hard, like running. Shaking breasts are sometimes painful and uncomfortable, so you can try using a life hack from Hollywood movies and stay in your underwear. Just choose underwear that is comfortable, and not one that will crush you so that you will count the minutes to the end.



Let him guide you with his hands on your hips

And why does he lie idle and enjoy? Take his hands and do with them what you will. (You can put on gloves, for example). Put them on your thighs or on your buttocks, invite him to direct your movements or set the rhythm.

Lean on his arms

If you are uncomfortable, you are tired, but you don’t want to change the position, because it’s almost, almost, just ask your partner to put your hands on your elbows so that you can lean on them with your hands. It can also support you under the buttocks, as we wrote above, or even under the ribs.

Sit him down and sit down yourself

It’s inconvenient to change the rider’s position to doggie or missionary – it takes a long time to get over, so you can lose all the fuse. Therefore, choose those positions that are easy to move into: for example, you can ask him to sit down without leaving you and sit down at the same time yourself. Grab him with your arms and legs – so you will be closer.


Change the pace

You don’t have to do this every minute, but speeding up and then slowing down is a good idea. Just try to hold back your ardor a little, delay its discharge. If you are comfortable in this position, you can increase the amplitude (for this you need to slow down). Rise high so that his head almost slips out of you, and then slowly and carefully lower yourself as far as your own comfort allows.