A little sweet torture of anticipation and anticipation – and when he finally gets the opportunity to pounce on you like a hungry tiger, all your feelings will be much sharper than usual! Here are some tricks to help you whet your man’s appetite.

7 ways to tease him and make him look forward to the night

  1. Catch him off guard by thinking out loud about places where you could make love. For example: “I wonder, do you think this countertop will suit us in height if I sit on it, and you enter me?” And then move the conversation to another, neutral topic, as if it were just a passing thought.
  2. People in crowded elevators usually look straight ahead. No one will probably notice how you snuggled up to him and stroked his buttocks. While everyone else is looking forward to their floor to get down to business, your man will be looking forward to when you can retire.
  3. You came to visit or to a club together, and suddenly he is surprised to receive a message from you, standing just two steps away. What happened? It turns out that you decided to share with him your sexual fantasies for tonight.
  4. A classic of the genre: you made an order in a cafe, and while the waiter walked away from the table, you take off your shoe and start caressing his leg with your foot – all higher, as long as your dress and tablecloth allows. If you are not at all afraid of sidelong glances, you can start massaging his penis with your feet through your pants.
  5. Men, as you know, love with their eyes, so draw an exciting picture for him: casually bend down in a short skirt, looking for something on the bottom shelf. Or dry your hair while sitting in jeans and a bra. Pretend you don’t notice him watching you.
  6. When his friends are visiting, shout from the next room that you need his help. When he enters, kiss him deeply and put your hand in his fly. And then stop, announce that the session is over until the evening, and now he must return to his guests, like a good boy.
  7. If you were on top and decided to change position, stop, slide off it and slide to the far end of the bed. Turn around and look at him with an alluring smile, as if to say: “Do you want it? So come and get it!”