1. Have sex not because you want to, but because everyone is doing it.

Or because “cool girls do it.” Or because it seems to you a logical continuation of the evening at the club. Or because you don’t want to spend the night alone.

What can you do instead if you want to improve your sex life? Listen to your body and its desires and go for intimacy when you really want it.

2. After failure, expect sex the next time to be the same as it was last time.

What can be done instead? Remember that if the previous time turned out to be so-so, this does not mean that failures will haunt you for the rest of your life. Try to treat each time as a new, fresh experience and an opportunity to take into account and correct past mistakes.

3. Idealize your sex life.

If you expect the impossible, you are setting the stage for disappointment with your own hands. In the event that things don’t turn out the way you expected, you’d rather decide that something is wrong with your partner or with you than realize that expectations were too high. On the other hand, if you think that everything will go badly, that you will be hurt or unpleasant, then you will program your brain just for such a perception of what is happening.

What can be done instead? Don’t predict how it will be – just enjoy.

4. Wait for him to read your thoughts and, as if by magic, fulfill all your secret dreams.

What can be done instead? Tell your partner what turns you on. And try to find exciting moments for yourself in what is happening, and not wait for a man to suddenly accidentally hit some kind of magic button.

5. Relish in memory all the negative moments from the past sexual experience.

What can be done instead? Try to fixate on positive memories of sensual and exciting moments. Dedicate a few minutes daily (or nightly) to these memories. What did your men do that still reverberates in the body with a sweet wave at the mere recollection? At what point in the movie did you get wet? Remembering this, you set up your body to respond to caresses.

6. Cherish anger and resentment. They perfectly kill sexual desire.

Who wants closeness with the one who is offended? So rancor is one of the best anti-aphrodisiacs.

What can be done instead? Discuss with your loved one the reasons for your dissatisfaction and close this topic.

7. If you have sexual problems, then just brush them aside and do not think what is their cause and how to solve them.

What can be done instead? Think about possible reasons. Read our posts on this topic. Visit a doctor. Talk to your other half. There are many solutions, and not even trying to find them is like walking past a flowering garden and not even trying to look into it and enjoy the aroma, grumbling: “I don’t need your roses.”


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