Erotic lingerie

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No, we are not talking about thong panties and a pretty bra, but about more revealing wardrobe items. The ones you would never buy if it weren’t for a special occasion. For example, the so-called “panties with access” – underwear with a cutout on the genitals, which allows you not to undress completely during sex. Please note that this underwear is usually made of synthetics and is not intended for permanent wear.


In addition to panties with cutouts, there are many more options for intimate underwear. For example, if you prefer a more aggressive style, you can put on a bodysuit consisting of leather straps.

Intimate haircut

Cut out the heart. Or a dolphin. Connect your imagination and surprise the guy with your intimate haircut. A funny surprise can be prepared both in the salon and at home if you learn how to work with stencils and wax. As an option – use a razor, but it is only suitable for simple haircuts. Don’t forget to use a mirror so you don’t get hurt.

Just imagine his face when you take off your panties and there…


When you close your eyes, all the senses are heightened. It can be difficult for us to relax, because our thoughts wander somewhere far away. Arrange dinner at home with just the two of you: do not plan anything, do not rush anywhere. By blindfolding him, you show that you are taking control. Make him relax and trust you.



Say that whatever you do to him will be a surprise. Just try not to sound threatening, but intriguing.

Erotic massage

Let’s continue the theme of blindfolded eyes. After making sure that he is relaxed and ready to accept your caresses, you can connect stroking. To be sure, if it turns you both on, you can even tie his hands – better with a ribbon, not a rope. You don’t need to tie it tightly, just the notation is enough.

No need to try to perform a real massage: your goal is not to correct his scoliosis, but to excite him. Stroke his erogenous zones, touch with your hands, tongue, hair…

Ice cube, feather and wax

You must have seen in the movies how she drips wax on his stomach, and he moans with pleasure. You can try too, but don’t forget about safety precautions. The idea is that in flight the wax should cool down and get on the skin warm, but not hot. Take only paraffin candles. Think back to high school physics. The melting point of wax is much higher than that of paraffin. Paraffin has the lowest melting point. Church and table candles can cause burns and allergic reactions, but the most dangerous is beeswax.


It is much safer to connect feathers or ice cubes.

Role-playing games

You probably know how you see him in his fantasies. Maybe you are a charming blonde, although in real life you are a strict brunette? Or would he wish you would punish him and spank him?

Whatever it is, the holiday of all lovers is an excellent occasion to try to appear before it differently. You’ll see, it will turn you on!

Games and toys

It happens that there is neither strength, nor time, nor ingenuity for fantasy. When we get used to certain rituals, it can be very difficult to get out of the “comfort zone” and experience something new. Give you both an erotic game for Valentine’s Day: there are a lot of them in sex shops. These can be dice with different poses or a “naked twister”.

Whatever you do, whatever you do, remember – you both should feel good about it!