Our sexuality can come as a surprise to us

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As for the homophobe Adam, who unexpectedly gave Eric a blowjob, and then drove off into the sunset for re-education. However, as we hoped, by the second season, bad boy Adam returned from sunset and began to beautifully look after Eric: he took him to a landfill and smashed cars and grandmother’s china with him to the music. The cathartic episode happened at the moment when Adam decided, as usual, to distort and could not decide who attracted him more: the busty beauty from the poster or the macho strong man next to her.

In the end, Adam finds the strength to admit that he is bi. But it is quite possible that many surprises await him in the future. Sexuality is a complex thing, it is not set in stone and can change throughout life. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research in 2019 showed that sexual habits and preferences can change not only in adolescents, but also in adults 20+. As part of the study, Professor Christine Kestle analyzed the responses of 12,000 students, finding out their sexual preferences, identity, and attitudes towards romantic relationships.



She came to the conclusion that the entrenched categories of “heterosexual”, “bi” and “gay” are a simplification of the real state of affairs. The girls, by the way, showed great variability in this matter, as Ola showed us.

Girls pretend – but the guys believe

Of course, the audience was just waiting for the great theorist Otis to fail when it comes to real sex. And what? Who was surprised by the fiasco of the young sex coach, who had just tried his hand at fingering and is already sure that he grabbed his luck for … hmm.
It’s good that Ola found a true friend who explained everything to Otis.


Unfortunately, women often pretend. For various reasons: someone does not want to hurt the feelings of a partner, someone just wants to stop sex, but does not know how, and someone is trying to keep a partner in a long-term relationship in this way.

Chlamydia is not transmitted by shaking hands


The series begins with an epidemic. No, not coronavirus – chlamydia. The school is in a panic, and until our two rescuers, Otis and his mother, arrive, the students are trying to find a scapegoat and blame each other for spreading the bacteria.

Like other STDs, chlamydia is transmitted through vaginal or anal sex. Less often – through oral.

Unexpected erections can be a problem


Yes, buddy, although we don’t know how you feel, we’ve heard a lot of stories about guys getting up at the most inopportune moment.

What can I say? It happens. By the way, men sometimes have 3-5 erections per night – and this does not even mean that they had an erotic dream.

Telling your partner about your desires in bed is difficult



“You will be wet, so wet, as if … as if your water had just broken!” Mr. Hendrix mutters passionately to Miss Adams, and we understand that he has not had a good time with dirty talk. Let’s lower the veil of pity over this scene, although no, perhaps we won’t.

Miss Adams isn’t much help either. She complains that at school she feels like an ordinary teacher, but in bed she wants to be sexy. To be honest, it’s not easy to meet your partner halfway. It’s really hard to learn something you don’t have a predisposition for.

Some people just don’t want sex


When Florence comes to Otis for advice, telling him she doesn’t want sex. At all. With no one. She’s just not interested in sex. Otis, from the height of his 17-year-old age, promised her that as soon as Florence met her chosen one, she would definitely want sex.

But maybe not. Asexuality – the lack of sexual interest – is one of the variants of the norm. How many such people, it is difficult to say. A rather old study in 2004, in which 18.8 thousand British adults took part, showed that about 1% of those surveyed were not interested in sex and did not experience sexual desire. But it’s not that the 15-year-old figure is accurate.

Perhaps the most comprehensive study to date is a 2014 study from the University of California, which was written by approximately 80,000 people. Respondents were asked to describe their sexual preferences, and 4.6% of participants identified themselves as asexual.

Things don’t always go the way we want.

It’s normal to feel vulnerable in sex – you’re not alone. It’s normal to want an amazing first time and it’s normal when something goes wrong.
The beauty of this show, to be honest, is that. It shows us that we are not alone in our preferences or fears. That all people experience about the same thing.