Go to the bathroom

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Sunny Rogers, a certified sex coach and ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association, says it’s a must to urinate after sex.


“This is the first thing I strongly recommend doing after intimacy. This will “clean out the pipes” and flush out any toxins and bacteria. After that, you can wash yourself using intimate hygiene wipes, a special product and warm water, ”says Rogers.

Such simple hygiene procedures will help protect you from infections. Always think about your body and take care of it. If your microflora is sensitive to spermicidal lubricant, lubricant or condoms, do not forget to wash it thoroughly from the vagina.

Change clothes

Especially if you decide to surprise your boyfriend with beautiful panties. Always remember: as a rule, such underwear is put on in order to take it off as soon as possible. It is made of synthetic materials, and wearing it for a long time is harmful.


After sex, put on regular cotton panties. Cotton does not cause allergies, absorbs well and does not irritate delicate areas of the skin.


Researchers at the University of Toronto conducted an experiment by asking 335 participants (138 men and 197 women) how satisfied they were with their relationships. Scientists also sought to find out what factors affect the quality of sexual life. It turned out that neither the foreplay nor the sexual act itself had a big impact on the degree of satisfaction, but hugs after sex did. The result of the study showed that couples who spent more time after sex in hugs, kissing and caressing each other, are more satisfied with their intimate life than those who immediately fall asleep.



But the chemical reaction of the body also plays a role. Hugging releases the hormone oxytocin, which creates a feeling of closeness and togetherness. Do not neglect this.

drink water

After a stormy passion, drink at least a glass of water to maintain strength. Better – more, so that the urge to go to the toilet arises faster. And see the first point here.

have a bite

Sometimes people do get really hungry after sex, because making love burns calories (not much, really). You shouldn’t overeat – don’t end a perfectly started evening with a hamburger and mayonnaise, it’s better to drink green tea or cook an omelette together. Why not team work!

Compliment each other

When you have just finished having sex, the level of oxytocin in the blood is still very high. Take advantage of this to make your partner even nicer. Tell him how great it was for you, what pleasure you experienced, how you love to feel the touch of his hands and kiss him. It is important to be honest with each other about your own experiences.

Check the condom

You know that no product provides 100% protection, and condoms are no exception. After sex, make sure that the condom remains intact and intact, so that, in case of emergency, you can take urgent measures.