What people do not really want to discuss under their own name, many are happy to tell anonymously. Especially if the question concerns not the most pleasant situations and men answer. Here, for example, is what they say about the strangest sexual experience. The writers couldn’t even dream of it!

Sex to the point of losing momentum: 7 stories about the strangest incidents in bed


  1. “She was sitting on top in the reverse cowgirl position. Everything was fine, and then the alarm clock went off on the phone. She said: “That’s enough, I need the Internet.” And, without getting dressed, she sat down at the computer to take part in the raid of her team in World of Warcraft.
  2. “After sex, she had an explosion of emotions every time, when hysterical laughter is interspersed with inconsolable sobs.”
  3. “She had an ear fetish. She loved to bite, kiss, lick my ears. Of course, at first it was pleasant, then it became somehow uncomfortable, especially when she began to moan right into my ear canal!”
  4. “I was doing cunnilingus to her, and at that moment she had an epileptic seizure. I had no idea about her condition and at first I thought it was such a strong orgasm! It ended with an ambulance call.”
  5. “She asked me to finger her toes!”
  6. “She had a bad tattoo of the leader of her favorite group, and during sex she often called me by his name.”
  7. “After an orgasm, she fainted. The first time she didn’t have time to warn me, and I was about to call an ambulance and thought about how to explain to them what exactly happened …”