Anything can happen in life, including attraction to a colleague. Even if the whole world is against you. And company rules too. Here are some stories about how it happens.

“They guessed and envied”: 7 stories about sex with colleagues


  1. “He was a colleague of mine, basically a subordinate. I trained him, we talked a lot. He invited me to have a drink after work and we had sex at my house. It went on for several weeks. Then he started coming to work and saying that I “I’m busy. They! I had to finish everything” – Evelina, 30 years old.
  2. “A few years ago, my colleague and I went on a business trip. For some reason, the hotel did not confirm his reservation, and I let him spend the night in my room. Everything happened there. Then we met a couple of times, he got married and went to Europe,” Alla , 27 years.
  3. “I had sex with a colleague on the boss’s desk! Great. Recommended.” — Maria, 23
  4. “I had an affair with the boss. We had sex at work, sometimes several times. Some colleagues guessed, although we denied everything, but our eyes betrayed both of us. Then someone told his wife, and it was all over, ”Olga, 25 years.
  5. “Because of an affair with a colleague, I had to quit. But the game was worth the candle: we got married. HR managers found out about our relationship, there was a big scandal, because the company’s policy did not imply novels with colleagues,” Anastasia, 25 years old.
  6. “My boss and I met for a whole year, we all really liked it. I didn’t have such sex with anyone!” — Alla, 28 years old.
  7. “My colleague and I often traveled together from work, and our romance began in the car. We never had sex in the office and hid the connection from everyone,” Julia, 24 years old.