Give yourself a head start

The point of fast sex is that it’s… fast. That is, it lasts no longer than five minutes. Of course, everything is individual, but for many girls this is not enough to get turned on. So the important point of your sexual “five minutes” is that both should want it. Wanting enough to neglect your business, distract from current tasks and immediately take off your clothes. Therefore, you must be already turned on, you must already want sex right now, immediately. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.


Choose your location carefully

It is better that it be a location where you have never had sex before. The feeling of novelty may well speed up your orgasm. But not only it. The threat (real or imagined) of being “caught” will spice up your sex. For example, if your friends are behind the wall, who are waiting for you to return.

Let an element of voyeurism into your sex: if there are mirrors in the bathroom, look at how he enters you. You will see, from this spectacle you will only get stronger!

Stay partially dressed

If you have time to take off your clothes, then you have time for a full act. Therefore, if you really only have five minutes of free time, spend them to good use. Limit yourself to an unbuttoned fly and a raised skirt – you’ll see, both of you will be enough.


good lubrication

“Dry” sex will spoil the mood for both you and him, so make sure that you are well lubricated. If you don’t have confidence in your own hydration, offer to help him with manual or oral stimulation. Or just keep some lube handy.

Help yourself actively

The statistics are merciless: women take much longer to reach orgasm than men. Therefore, if you decide on a quick sex, you will have to hurry in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, do not hesitate to help yourself during sex.

Connect all your senses

To turn on yourself and not forget about your partner, use your entire arsenal – quick sex is conducive to him. Bite him, moan loudly, squeeze his buttocks, and even scratch if it turns you both on. Remember that if you have sex in a hurry, there is no time for long bowing.


Back or front: choose

It all depends on your preferences and his. Sex face to face, especially if you are sitting on something, more sensual, more intimate. This position is convenient for kissing and caresses, for visual contact. The rear position is more aggressive, more “animal”, but it will probably make you more excited and enjoy it.