Massage candle

Plaisirs Secrets Massage Candle Peach


The difference between massage candles and ordinary ones is that the base component is not wax or stearin, but soybean oil or other solid vegetable oils, and therefore the melted liquid can be perfectly used for massage: it glides perfectly, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, smells good. Light the Concorde Massage Candle Peach and it will transform into a fragrant massage oil. Let the candle burn for about 10 minutes and then extinguish it – and the melted butter can be used. The composition of the oil includes aromatic compositions created by French perfumers. The ceramic jar is the best way to preserve aromas, protecting from foreign odors, and a convenient spout makes it easy to use. Packed in a gift box.


Price: 1676 rubles.

Perfume spray with pheromones

Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Pink Cupcake


Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Pink Cupcake is a light enveloping spray with pheromones for skin and hair. Be charming and seductive, the aromatic spray awakens the sensuality of its owner. The aroma of the spray is the smell of fresh and delicious pastries, sweetish and incredibly attractive. Free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol and sugar


Price: 1011 rubles.

Two eye masks

Fifty Shades of Gray Soft Blindfold Twin Pack

Two black and gray eye masks made of smooth satin material are a nice little gift for yourself and your partner. The masks are fastened with elastic straps, which makes them universal in size. The inner lining is very soft and pleasant to the touch. The set is ideal for couples who want to diversify their sex life, enhance emotions and sensations during sexual games. The set also includes a satin storage bag.


Price: 1708 rubles.

Mini vibrator – Kegel trainer with remote control


We talked and will talk about the need for training intimate muscles. And if you can also enjoy your workout… The RestArt Lust Vibration Stimulator is a multifunctional stimulator that includes a Kegel trainer and a mini vibrator. With this vibration stimulator, you can not only keep your intimate muscles in good shape, but also get a lot of pleasure from the vibration of a powerful motor. Convenient control from the remote control, soft silky silicone, 12 modes of vibration. Such a toy is a multi-tool, where there is everything you need.


Price: 3890 rubles.

Compact vibrating bullet in the form of a bunny

Lola Toys Emotions Funny Bunny

This bunny seems to be one of the cutest things you can find in a sex shop. And one of the most versatile! Firstly, this vibrating bullet can be used as a small massager (for example, the ears of this bunny perfectly massage the neck), and secondly, if you need to get a quick discharge, a powerful motor will transmit vibration even through tight jeans. And then, hardly anyone will guess that this cute accessory was bought in a sex shop. Therefore, feel free to buy it, give it, carry it with you – do what you want!


Price: 985 rubles.

Vibrating testicle on the remote control


The category of vibro eggs is usually one of the most underrated in the range. Girls just don’t understand how to use it! This testicle can be used during intercourse (the testicle is placed in the vagina, and there is a simultaneous stimulation of sensitive erogenous zones in a woman inside the vagina, as well as the head of a penis in a man). The length and width of the viboy testicle have a minimum size. Therefore, it hides perfectly inside the vagina and is practically not noticeable during penetration, you can guess about it only by the vibrations that it creates. The console can be fixed around the thigh part of the leg for easy vibration adjustment. An excellent replacement for horseshoe vibrators that love to fall out at the most inconvenient moment.


Price: 4958 rubles.

Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

A guaranteed orgasm as a gift for March 8 is very good, right? The Imtoy Zoo Giraffe has a classic and very good shape for G-spot stimulation. The powerful motor provides intense yet quiet vibration in 16 modes, plus you can create your own modes in the Imtoy Zoo app (available on the AppStore and Google Play) by customizing the vibrator according to to your taste. The app also interacts with your movies, music, gestures, and even your voice. Imtoy Zoo’s delicate coating has no seams, is completely waterproof and dustproof. Use it alone or in pair games – the degree of pleasure will increase astronomically.

Price: 9890 rub.