1. For many women, regular penetrative sex is not enough, And they definitely need additional stimulation. For them, caressing with hands and tongue is not a cherry on the cake, but the only way to experience sexual release. And that’s okay. If this is about you, feel free to tell your boyfriend or husband about it.
  2. By the way, there are twice as many nerve endings in the head of the clitoris as in the head of the penis. Knowing about it and not using it is like keeping a cool car in the garage and not driving.
  3. Even if he is the god of affection and what he does with his fingers drives you crazy, remember that these magical hands should not be dirty. Sex right on the doorstep is, of course, a turn-on, but all the microbes that traveled with him in public transport and decided to come to you as uninvited guests should not end up with a party in your intimate places. These places can react painfully to the invasion. Therefore, washing your hands is not only before eating.
  4. There are no standards for intimate haircuts. To do hair removal or not to do it is a matter of taste. He may ask you, but he cannot insist that this is some kind of hygienic norm.
  5. If a guy is worried about how good you are with him in bed, and he wants to know what you would like – just ask.
  6. You are not a clone of his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, if something happens to you or looks different from hers, this does not mean that something is wrong with you. Guys, after all, too, nature sculpted more than one pattern.
  7. The fact that a neighbor screams behind the wall (and not because she is arguing with her husband, but because she is actively reconciling) does not mean that she is more passionate than you. This means that she is either pretending to be, or egging on her man. By nature, we do not scream like victims, neither before, nor after, nor during orgasm. Sighs, sobs, moans, rapid breathing – yes, but screaming out loud is a stereotype from porn.