1. Where is the clitoris

It’s no secret that most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Research shows that 18% of women experience orgasms from vaginal sex alone, which is very low. So explain to him the basics of female anatomy, pick up positions in which you can stimulate the clitoris. You can do this in a missionary, if he touches yours with his body, and you bring your legs together.


2. Caresses from behind

Even if you or both of you are against anal sex, light caresses with your fingers will surely please your body, because there are so many nerve endings!

3. Cunnilingus

During oral sex, do not be shy to tell him (with fingers, movements, words) what you like best. And let him also not be shy to caress you in different ways!

4. Kisses

Many people think that kissing is only good for foreplay. This is not true. Deep sensual kisses during sex (you can on the lips, you can practically in any part of the body) will help you reach orgasm faster.

5. Lubrication

It can come in handy in any situation: even if you are very excited, your own lubrication is not always enough. In addition, if he puts a little lubricant on the penis, he can prolong the sexual intercourse.


6. Sex toys

Explain to him that the vibrator is not a competitor, but an assistant. Let him hold the toy himself and find out from you your favorite speed and pressing force.

7. Conversations

During sex, you can and should say something that is not said in ordinary life. The allowable percentage of greasiness can be discussed in advance. And it is also important that he listens to your wishes regarding caresses and movements, then both of you will be much more pleasant.