The film “American Pie” at one time showed that self-satisfaction is not a shameful, but quite a normal habit (unless, of course, you stick it out in public). But there is no female episode in it, although the study of the preferences of one’s body is characteristic of both sexes. Here’s what women say about their favorite techniques.

DIY: 7 candid stories about self-pleasure techniques

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  1. “The clitoris and the clitoris again! If you still don’t know where it is and what to do with it, find it and touch it. And your life will change forever,” Evgenia, 26 years old.
  2. “I like to act with a vibrator through a T-shirt. There is a feeling that another person is touching me,” Maria, 24 years old.
  3. “We are in a long distance relationship, we see each other once a month on the weekends. Since we can’t be together as often as we want, we have phone sex. We have a shared folder in the cloud where we save erotic photos and videos. And also we leave each other our things that store our smells,” Faina, 26 years old.
  4. “Find a vibrator that works and marry him. I tried a lot of sex toys before I found the right one.” — Anna, 29
  5. “I only get vaginal orgasms so I use a dildo” – Elena, 27
  6. “I like to completely create an atmosphere. I light candles, turn on special music, take a bath. It works out especially well if I had a hard day,” Uliana, 28 years old.
  7. “I do this quite often because I love it. If I don’t satisfy myself for a week, I start to get bored, and the process takes longer,” Diana, 24 years old.