Injuries during sex are not uncommon, most doctors had to set, sew up and decontaminate the intimate parts of the bodies of their patients. Here are some chilling stories from doctors in hospital emergency rooms.

Dangerous games: 6 scary medical stories about injuries in the intimate area


  1. “I once helped a woman whose partner cunniled right after a very spicy dinner. The hot sauce he had before sex caused the area around her clitoris to become inflamed.”
  2. “I am a surgeon and I often come across foreign objects in the anus of patients. For example, I had to get a pink ball or a significant potato out of there.”
  3. “A woman came in with a complaint of pain in her groin. She shifted from foot to foot, like a child who really wants to go to the toilet. I did an examination, the test results were good. And only then did she tell what happened. For the first time they spent the evening without a baby and ate a lollipop. And then her husband gave her cunnilingus, and the inflammation began. I had to prescribe her antihistamines and let her go home. “
  4. “Once a janitor came to us with a penis injury. He told his wife that he had fallen badly, but experts know that you can get such an injury in completely different ways. When we were alone, he said that he had slept with a prostitute, and she overdid it.”
  5. “The young man came in with complaints of pain in the penis. The organ really looked terrible, it was blue, with strange marks and bruises. After much questioning, he admitted that he had received a blowjob from a girl with braces on her teeth. food debris and bacteria got in. After a course of therapy and antibiotics, everything went away.”
  6. “A ring is stuck on the penis of an elderly patient. A wedding ring! He has erectile dysfunction, and somewhere on the Internet he read that a ring can help. Only, of course, not jewelry, but a special one! As a result, he squeezed the vessels, the penis swelled and turned red, necrosis began on the skin around the ring. At first we tried to cut the ring, but the efforts were in vain. The ring was smelted from titanium, there were no suitable tools. We called jewelry stores, firefighters, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but no one knew what to do. We began to worry, but finally I was able to remove the ring with a diamond cutter.It was so hot and turned orange from the heat, like in the “Lord of the Rings” … Fortunately, the penis quickly returned to normal, and his owner was given a lecture on drugs that help maintain an erection with fewer side effects.”