There are enough myths around masturbation, and new ones are constantly appearing. Recently, for example, a sexologist and psychotherapist made a statement: vibrators are evil! And she gave an example from practice: her patient purchased a clitoris stimulator and forgot how to experience orgasms with her husband. An ordinary living man could not stand the competition: fingers and tongue turned out to be a pitiful semblance of what a new silicone friend could do.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

But you don’t have to buy Satisfyer or Gvibe to handle your clitoris better than a guy. It is not for nothing that coaches often begin sex training with the words: “Well, girls, without a man, of course, it is easier to get an orgasm, but today we will learn how to do it with them.” Involuntarily, you begin to think: is not masturbation harmful? Hair growing on your arms is a myth, of course, but won’t it lead you to get used to getting an orgasm only in the “solo” mode?


But in reality, the situation is exactly the opposite: masturbation is not harmful, but beneficial. And here are five important reasons why you should not neglect it.

You get to know yourself better

Heard about the game “Where’s the clitoris?” On dating sites, women ask this question to men who promise mind-blowing cunnilingus, and then enjoy the answers. There are the most incredible ones: from “in Rostov” to “everyone is different.” It remains only to recall the caricature about the doctor and Midas’ wife: “It’s strange, everything looks like it’s made of gold. Except for the clitoris.”


It’s pointless to wait for a gorgeous lover to emerge from the bowels of Tinder who knows exactly how to please you. The clitoris, of course, has not yet grown under the knee of any woman, but men are right about something: we are all different and love different things. And each of us needs masturbation to find out which ones.


You will love yourself more

We are constantly told that we are imperfect: it hangs there, it sticks out here, whether it’s the case – impeccable girls from the covers and screens! But orgasms are the great equalizer, which reminds us that the body is an endless source of pleasure. And at least for this reason it is worth loving and appreciating, no matter how it looks.

Learning about your body, paying attention to it, enjoying it are small, but very important steps to raising self-esteem. And a great way to feel your own sexuality.

You can easily go through periods without sex

Have you ever heard of a biathlete who quits all training in the off-season with the words: “Any activity without skis will prevent me from setting a record next winter!”? Thinking that masturbation will interfere with real sex is just as ridiculous.


On the contrary, it will allow you to stay in shape: it will stimulate the parts of the brain that feed sexual desire, and keep the genitals in good working order due to a regular rush of blood. Masturbation is a great way out if your partner is far away or there is an “off-season” when the old boyfriend has already received the prefix “ex” and the new one has not yet appeared.

You can cheer yourself up, get rid of stress and even pain.

Orgasms are not only pleasant, but also useful: the released dopamine and oxytocin lift your mood and improve life in general, and not just for a couple of minutes. Masturbation is not just pleasure, but also an opportunity to relieve stress, improve sleep, and relax physically and emotionally.


That’s not all: masturbation can stop the attacks of menstrual pain, and sometimes the contraction of the muscles of the pelvis and uterus even saves from back pain. Orgasm also prevents urinary tract infections by “flushing out” bacteria.


Regular stress on the muscles involved in orgasm leads to their strengthening, which means better sex and more “discharges”. And if all this does not motivate to masturbate, then we do not even know what else to say!

It will be easier for you to choose a good partner

A woman who has not experienced an orgasm is easily convinced that she has a problem. But with the one who effortlessly receives it in a few minutes, this number will not work: she knows for sure that it’s not about her at all. You can’t impose different poses and practices on such a mistress under the pretext: “All my girls liked it!”


A woman who masturbates regularly has her own well-researched arsenal, including a list of what she doesn’t like. Masturbation is not only an orgasm, but also a way to distinguish really good lovers from those who only imagine themselves to be such.

You will be the best lover

If you know what gives you pleasure and can teach this man, you will be more relaxed, confident and calm in bed. And confidence is a great resource that can be used in many ways. If you want, experiment and try new practices, if you want, spend more time on your partner and emotional connection with him.

However, your boyfriend will also hit the jackpot, because he will not need to look for ways to satisfy you and experience failure by typing, and this is worth a lot for men.

There are no downsides to masturbation. And if suddenly some man lost in the competition to the vibrator, then it’s not at all about the new toy. It is quite possible that prior to the thoughtful study of the solo mode, his partner simply did not have any orgasms. And the lover should not throw Satisfyer away, but rejoice that there is such a simple and guaranteed way to have fun together.