Not everyone loves morning sex. As they say, “I like morning sex only in the evening.” That is, it is one thing when you are not in a hurry, you two have a lot of time and the morning starts at noon. Everything is completely different if you have an alarm clock set for seven in the morning (and you went to bed at two in the morning), and at seven thirty you already need to be in the subway.

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And yet, morning sex has so many positives that sometimes you need to try it, even if the alarm clock rang at seven in the morning.


He will relax you

It’s great if you wake up in the morning in a wonderful mood. If not (you are not alone) and you only think about how many difficult things you have to do today, then sex can correct this situation.

In fact, sex is a simple alternative to meditation. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati have proven that morning sex is a natural way to reduce stress levels.

It will make your brain “turn on”

Sex works no worse, and even better than an invigorating cup of coffee.

Orgasms have the most positive effect on your brain. They increase the level of oxygen in the blood, due to this you wake up faster. A 2014 study by a team of scientists from the University of Maryland found that regular sexual activity not only promotes the formation of new brain cells, but also improves cognitive performance, meaning you think faster and better.



Good mood for the whole day

Well, maybe not for the whole, but for the next couple of hours for sure. In the process, our brain releases a whole “cocktail” of hormones. Orgasm accompanies the production of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which is responsible in our body for pleasure and happiness. And you will also get a portion of oxytocin – the “hormone of love”, thanks to which we feel great tenderness and affection towards our loved ones.

You get rid of complexes

Sometimes this morning state, when you are only half awake, works like alcohol: it slows down inhibitory reactions. Simply put, your brakes fail, you feel freer and more relaxed. In addition, you simply do not have the strength to care how good you look, and therefore the usual complexes are relegated to the background.


Spontaneity is great

Let’s be honest: as a rule, we don’t plan morning sex, it just happens, and this is wonderful, because it is spontaneity that enlivens your sex life.

enchanting light

There is a time in the morning when the light is soft and gentle and your skin is golden in the sun. If there is sun, of course. Usually such “gold hours” occur at sunset and – expectedly – at dawn. If you usually only leave work at sunset, you have at least one more option.