Male-dominated sex positions

Do you want to get maximum pleasure without any effort? Give the reins to your partner!


In this sex position, the G-spot is very actively stimulated, in addition, his pubis rubs against your clitoris. All pleasures at once! For additional pleasant sensations, ask your man to make circular frictions and movements of the eight. There is a high probability that then you will reach orgasm at the same time.

“Spoons” is ideal for leisurely morning sex. Soft, unhurried, not too deep frictions will finally dispel the remnants of sleep, and after a while you will want to move on to more active actions. Raise your top leg as high as you can, tell your partner to move harder, and put his fingers on your clit.

Since your hips are compressed, this will have an additional stimulating effect on the clitoris, moreover, with each friction, his cock will rub intensely against your labia. By the way, in this sex position your man will be able to penetrate you as deeply as possible, which means that he will also appreciate the modernized classics.


Sex positions dominated by a woman

Not ready to hand over responsibility for your orgasm to your boyfriend? Then try these positions. Believe me, he will remember such sex for a very long time, because you will not only do all the work for him, but also give him the opportunity to watch your movements.

This sex position is perfect for superficial clitoral stimulation. When doing frictions, lean forward as much as possible so that your inguinal zone slides along the inside of his thigh.

Do you want him to fall on his knees in front of you? Invite him to try out this incendiary seated sex position in every way. Let him kneel, and you get down on his cock, squatting with your back to him.

This sex position is not as difficult as it might seem. You keep your balance by resting your palms on the floor, and your man sits and supports your legs.