1. Laptop

If you are much shorter than your partner, standing up is a good option. Let him support you by the hips and press you against the wall (take care of the ribs!). It is important that he can pick you up and hold you. And if it doesn’t last long, a bar stool will come in handy.

2. Wheelbarrow

Under this unromantic name lies an interesting pose. Stand on the bed in doggy style, he stands facing the bed, wrap your legs around his hips. You can lean on your elbows or lie down on the bed.

3. Trouble in the kitchen

If you are taller than him, sit on a surface that is comfortable for both of you. It can be a dining table, a high chair, a chair arm, a bathtub edge – one of these will definitely fit!

4. Above the Moon

Lie on the edge of the bed, spread your legs and hug his hips. To correct the height, place one or two pillows under the buttocks. In the process, he may hold your thigh or chest and try sex from different angles.

5. 69 at a distance

Height does not matter if you are lying on the bed in the 69 position, but at the same level. Everyone will be able to bend so as to reach the desired parts of the partner’s body. You can even put your foot on his thigh!

6. Surprise

The pose “lying on your side face to face” gives a lot of room for imagination. You can take your favorite sex toy and use it at the right time. Or you can turn into 69 and please each other not only orally, but also with the help of a vibrator.