In the variety of sexual poses, everyone can find one that they like more than others. Here are the poses that women name among their favorites.

From classic to modern: 6 most favorite poses for women

  1. “We don’t try new positions often because we usually don’t like them. I like the cowgirl the most because clitoral stimulation is exactly what I need to orgasm. I especially like it when he sits, I’m on his lap, we having sex and kissing, it’s nice to even think about it!” — Olga, 32 years old.
  2. “I like to lie prone, and he enters from behind. For me, this is the perfect angle, when it’s deep and you can move in different ways. And I like to feel his weight on me,” Alisa, 28 years old.
  3. “Love the missionary position with legs wide apart, perfect!” — Elena, 30 years old.
  4. “I love the usual positions, when there is a pillow under the head, and you can throw your legs on his shoulders. And be sure to touch the clitoris!” — Marina, 27 years old.
  5. “I love doggy-style when my head is on the bed. It’s even better if he presses my head with his hand!” — Natalia, 26 years old.
  6. “I don’t think she has a name… The reverse rider variation. He lies on his back with his legs shoulder-width apart. I bring my legs together and put them between his legs. I have more control over the movements, he is also comfortable. And the orgasm comes always, especially if you also stimulate the clitoris, ”- Christina, 29 years old.