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Many women prefer to masturbate while lying on their back or on their side. Roll over. In the truest sense of the word: try to lie on your stomach or kneel with your stomach on the bed. Lubricate your fingers and stroke yourself between your legs. You can use your body weight to get more pleasure.

Take a pillow to make you feel more comfortable: you can put it under your back, under your side or under your hips. Lightly pat the clitoris with your fingertip, and then cover the entire vulva with the palm of your hand.

If you have a toy that you cuddle rather than sink in, lie on your back, raise your knees, opening up for pleasure. If there is no toy, by the way, you can use the vibration mode of your phone, but it’s better to do it through the fabric.

If you like to experiment not only with the clitoris and vagina, but also with the anus, then lie on your side. Remember to use plenty of anal lube. After inserting the plug, you can caress the clitoris or squeeze and relax your hips to make it more pleasant.

With one finger make circular motions around the clitoris and massage the entrance to the vagina. Put your other hand under you and add to your pleasure. By the way, life hack: if you catch the feeling that the hand seems to be numb, then you get the impression that someone else is caressing you.

Try to do it without hands. If you prefer penetration, stand in the position shown in the picture and place a stable dildo in front of you. Even if you don’t end up like this (who really does?), it can still be very pleasurable.