After your body has undergone changes to give birth to a child, sex may not seem so desirable and enjoyable. Usually doctors advise waiting 40 days for everything to heal, but many have to wait much longer. Here’s what the young mothers themselves said.

Give birth - you will understand: 5 memories of women about sex after childbirth

  1. “A difficult pregnancy, an emergency caesarean… But sex was a real gift for me! It was banned in the third trimester, then I was afraid myself… In a word, we survived almost half a year of abstinence,” Dina, 30 years old.
  2. “Oh, at first it was terrible. An unpleasant feeling of a foreign object inside – and a month and a half after giving birth, any object will be foreign! But then I felt happy and more like the girl I used to be,” Renata, 35 years old.
  3. “The first time it was uncomfortable and a little painful. I didn’t like my own body, I wanted more. For a few months everything returned to normal, but it became very good when I went to the doctor and received recommendations on gymnastics,” Natalya, 32 years old.
  4. “I gave birth two months ago and it still hurts. The caesarean scar still hurts. But it’s not my husband’s fault! .
  5. “It turned out to be important for me to restore intimate contact without penetration earlier – 2-3 weeks after giving birth. I calmed down and tuned in to sex. I studied new reactions of my body, everything has changed, but it’s even better. We relaxed, took a lot of lubricant – and that’s all it turned out the way it should have been,” Svetlana, 33 years old.