1. Novels on the side

Some are limited to silent platonic loves, someone allows himself more. Then the relationship can suffer greatly.

2. Disgust

In the absence of physical attraction, partners may gradually lose respect and other positive feelings for each other. For example, they stop kissing and hugging, mutual irritation accumulates.

3. Distance

One way to avoid sex is to keep your distance. Someone begins to linger at work or travel, partners stop talking and being interested in each other’s affairs. Distance can be expressed both in contempt and in a worsening mood when a partner enters the room.

If the relationship does not suit one of the partners, he can show the qualities of an abuser, show that the partner is responsible for his misfortunes. This can be expressed both verbally and physically.

5. Divorce

Sooner or later, the cup of patience will overflow and the relationship will come to an end. Without sex, of course, you can live if such a situation suits both. If only one – the second, most likely, will get tired of enduring it.