Legs up!

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Practice on your boyfriend this head-turning sex position, which is basically a simplified version of the Octopus position with the woman on top. Seat your young man on the floor, ask him to spread his legs in different directions and slightly bend them at the knees. Put your palms on the floor, saddle him and put your legs on his shoulders. Move by bending and unbending your elbows. This sex position will give you a very special feeling, and besides, it will help pump up the muscles of the lower press!


As you know, legs held high and brought together provide super tight, incredibly sensual friction. In addition, penetration occurs at a slight angle in this sex position, so the sensations that you will experience when having sex in this way will be very different from what you feel in a traditional missionary position or in the “man from behind” position. Ask your partner to experiment with the angle of penetration by flexing and extending the legs resting on his shoulder. When you find the best position, his cock will be able to stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina. This is one of the simplest yet sensual poses of the Kama Sutra.

sofa of temptations

Do you want this night of love to be remembered for a long time? Take advantage of our Kamasutra’s prompt and seat your boyfriend in a comfortable chair, saddle him with your legs apart and place your bent knees on his chest. Then slowly lean back and rest your outstretched arms on the floor. Move back and forth, bringing and spreading your legs. This sex position is not as difficult as it might seem. You keep your balance by resting your palms on the floor, and your man sits and supports your legs. For more intense sensations during sex, squeeze and unclench the muscles of the vagina. By choosing the right rhythm of frictions, you will quickly reach orgasm.

On the throne of love

Your partner is completely in your power: the woman is on top and determines the angle of penetration, the pace and the strength of the frictions. Lay your boyfriend on his back, put a pillow under his shoulders and ask him to bend his knees. Saddle him so that your legs are between his legs, put your hands on his hips and start the dance of love. You can scribble with your vagina on his figure-eight cock, tease him with superficial frictions, tightly grab the head of his penis, straining the muscles of the vagina. This sex position gives complete freedom of sexual expression, what could be better!

Sensual Support

Your legs around his waist, your arms around his neck, you arch your back and your pelvis presses tightly against his pelvis, you slide on his cock, getting closer and closer to the enchanting orgasm. Sound romantic? So, it’s time to try out this sex position from our Kama Sutra. One BUT! Your young man must be in very good physical shape, otherwise he will not be able to hold you and at the same time perform powerful frictions. By the way, in this position you can have sex not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen and bathroom. Then you can use a dishwasher or a washing machine as a support for your legs.


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