1. For romance – “Yin-yang”


Have him sit on the edge of the bed. You – on your knees to him, lift one leg higher and hug him tightly. Make eye contact and start moving to the beat. No talking, just sighs and moans!

2. For taste – chocolate blowjob

Yes, yes, it’s funny and inconvenient, but you need to try it sometime! Chocolate syrup is the best. Gently lubricate the head of the penis and lick, do not forget to catch the dripping drops. To heighten the effect, you can add whipped cream at room temperature. Let the machine wash the sheets.


3. For rigidity – “Venus in chains”


Let your partner tie your hands, and then tell you how to lie down, spread your legs, what to say and do. If he is shy, you can at first not make eye contact. Further prompt your imagination.

4. For Long Distance Relationships – Auditory Orgasm


Stock up on a couple of sex toys that can be controlled via the Internet from your smartphone. And start at the appointed time! It is better to do without video, just to hear the moans and echo them. If there are no toys, replace the program with phone sex.

5. For a long relationship – “Bath of desires”

Light candles in the bathtub, fill the bathtub with water and foam, immerse yourself in it together. Give him a light massage on different parts of the body, kiss and whisper pleasant words in his ear, then a little work with your hands … Then switch roles, get out of the bath and move to bed under a warm blanket. This evening is only yours, like many others like it before and after the holiday.