1. Snake

This pose requires some flexibility, but after training everything will go like clockwork. Lie on your stomach, then rise up and lean on outstretched arms. He lays down on top in the same position – and go! Place a pillow under your belly for comfort.

2. In the spotlight

The good old doggy-style pose can be varied with light slaps to the beat. You’d be surprised how exciting it can be! In order to get used to the role, you can moan erotically and beg for mercy.

3. Freedom

Lie on your back, take a vibrator or other favorite toy. Let the partner touch you and please you in every possible way, and imagine yourself as a queen who commands what to do and what not to do.

4. Bengal fire

It’s pretty simple: have oral sex. You can use your mouth and hands, with one of them touching the penis, and the other to explore the scrotum or get even further (anal caresses – only by mutual agreement!). Then, when he rests, he will probably want to do something nice for you too.

5. Inseparable

Pose for couples with sports training. Kneel opposite each other, then put one leg on the foot (the other is bent and rests on the floor with the knee and foot). In this case, you put, for example, the right foot, and he – the left. Move closer to each other – and try sex in this position. It’s hard, but worth it!