Many people think that self-satisfaction in a relationship is impossible. But why? It is safe for infections and pregnancy and can be even more enjoyable than sex. After all, why not do it in front of each other?

1. Two on the road


Deciding on mutual masturbation is not easy, especially if it has been hammered into your head that this is a shameful activity. Start with a simple option: lie on your side facing each other and go about your own business. You may not even look into your eyes. Put your foot on his thigh or arm – on any comfortable part of his body.

2. Interaction


The most open option is to sit on the sofa opposite each other and get down to business. And there is nothing to be ashamed of your sighs! This, by the way, is very close and exciting.

3. Air sex


They are comfortable standing up. You please each other with one hand, and with the other you hold the partner’s hand. Thus, very unusual sensations are born!


4. Love gatherings

Have him sit on the bed and stretch out his legs. Sit on top with your back to him and also stretch your legs. Get busy with your business (each your own or mutually), and at the same time let him caress your neck with his lips or whisper pleasant words in your ear.

5. Horsewoman

Ask him to lie down on the bed, sit on top facing him. Start slowly, listening for moans and movements. And then you can “let go of the reins” and arrange a competition, who will complete what they started faster.