Are you in jeans and a t-shirt? Wonderful! The perfect suit for sex. To be more precise, for rubbing – this is the name of the sexual practice of rubbing against the body of a partner. Everything is very simple: one partner lies on top of the other, placing his knee between his legs. Suitable for people with low sensitivity, because denim is a rather tough material, you need to remember this. The bottom partner can squeeze the buttocks of the top one or stroke the chest or thighs, kiss the neck. We offer to undress when it becomes completely unbearable, but it is much more interesting to catch an orgasm, following the rules of the game that you came up with.

Ask your boyfriend to give you cunnilingus so that you do not take off your underwear, and he is completely dressed. Let him first kiss the inside of your thighs, run his lips over your stomach, around your underwear, where the skin is especially thin. Then let him pull the elastic of the underwear with his teeth, and then he will show what he is capable of. The main thing – do not rush: let his lips and tongue begin to work on your crotch at the moment when you are already very wet.

Skirt up! Believe me, here he will simply go crazy with excitement, and you – even more so. A short skirt without underwear has never let anyone down in sexual games. Saddle him in such a way that he can see whatever he wants in the neckline of your shirt. And then take his hands and put them on your hips so he can lift up his skirt and find that it’s only you underneath. By the way, you can have sex without taking off your clothes: it will be enough for you to lift your skirt up to your hips, and for him to unbutton his jeans or lower his pants.

The perfect position for quick sex: you find something to lean on, bend over, your partner enters you from behind and – congratulations, you have great sex!

If that’s what you want, don’t be stingy and buy beautiful lace lingerie with a crotch cut once in your life. First, you won’t have to hold on and think about whether your chest is shaking too much. (And if the breasts are large, it is also uncomfortable). Secondly, in such underwear there is a special depraved witchcraft that helps you to reincarnate.