Pose #1: Dominant Missionary


How: very simple. Lie down on your back, and he lies on top of you. The only difference from the classic missionary position is that your arms above your head are tied to or handcuffed to the bed.

Pros: when you don’t have the opportunity to touch your partner, there is no need to think about where to put your hands: stroke or pinch? You can wrap your legs around him, you can move towards him, but you won’t be able to hug him.

Minuses: There are several downsides to this position. Firstly, not all beds have headboards designed in a suitable way to fasten something to them. Secondly, if your partner hurts or makes you uncomfortable in this position, you won’t be able to get out right away, and therefore you need to not only do this with someone you absolutely, 100% trust, but also always leave yourself the opportunity to free yourself. . Remember Gerald’s Game?


Position #2: Bondage Queen


How: and now you switch places: the partner lies on his back, his hands are tied above his head, and you turn your back to him and … sit on his face. Well, that is, it is necessary to sit on it in a big way, and you, in fact, of course, do not sit on it. There are too many nuances in this position, but if you understand them, the pleasure can be incredible for both him and you.


Pros: many women associate BDSM with male dominance, although in reality this is far from the case. This position is not only a great way to teach him how to make you feel good with your tongue, but also a great opportunity to show that a woman in sex does not always take a passive submissive position.

Minuses: the first negative is that your partner does not like oral sex. This in itself is a huge omission, but especially in this position. The second minus is rather not even a minus, but a nuance. You will have to choose your position carefully. Lean forward a little with your legs apart to allow him to reach your sensitive areas. In this position, you can easily get tired – your back will numb, your legs will get tired, but it is easy to change it. It is enough to move a little and just sit on it astride.


Pose number 3: box

How: Do you remember how they did the hated exercise “Box” in physical education at school? So this “box” is much nicer. You are lying in a “box”, your handcuffed hands are located behind your ankles. The man enters you from behind.


Pros: in this position you are very open, the contact is very tight. That is, your partner has all access to your clitoris and labia. This position opens up your hip flexors, so sex can be very deep and pleasurable.


Minuses: let’s just say, from a physics point of view, this is not the easiest pose to perform unless you are a former cheerleader or gymnast.

Pose number 4: chained standing

How: find a place where you have a strong hook or towel rail and you can secure the handcuffs. Having tied the hands of the partner or the partner above the head, fix them on the hook and tell him or her not to move. In this situation, it is normal to speak in a strict strong-willed voice, to order and be strict.


Further, the “top” has all the possibilities: oral sex, stroking, manual work and, in the end, the usual penetration.

Pros: this position can bring a lot of pleasure to both of you. The “upper” partner has complete power and control in his hands, and the “lower” partner can simply enjoy the situation.

Minuses: hands may get tired. Hands can be very tired.

Handcuffs can be a great accessory in your intimate games, but remember: safety comes first, so it’s best to choose something soft so as not to constrict your wrists.