Demon 1: Worrying about how your face looks during orgasm

Yes it’s true. Anxiety prevents some women from enjoying: do they look funny, ridiculous, unaesthetic and unnatural at this moment.

  • “I have a habit of biting my lip at the peak of arousal. One guy told me that it looks too dramatic, like I’m overacting. And ever since then, I can’t get it out of my head.”– admits L., 22 years old.

How to drive him away

Sexologists are well aware of the situation when thoughts about what is happening between you at this moment, how you look and whether you are experiencing the pleasure that is “supposed” to experience, interfere with actually enjoying the process. How do they recommend getting rid of it?

Try making eye contact with your partner or covering their face and neck with kisses to focus on your closeness and not on your own appearance or anything else.

Demon 2: Tongue stuck to throat

With one hand, he crumples your chest like an anti-stress ball, and with the other, he will now rub a hole in your thigh. You wish he would be gentler and point one of his hands towards the clitoris altogether, and you’re going to ask him to do so, but your vocal cords seem to be paralyzed.

How to drive him away

In principle, heated conversations in bed are what can add pepper to a relationship. And yet, not everyone is capable of talking about sex during sex. If you are one of those who are embarrassed to lead them, and your partner is also not particularly talkative at these moments, it will be much easier for you to express your desires when you just sit next to you. It is quite possible that he will immediately want to move from words to deeds and consolidate the information received in practice.

Demon 3rd: You are ashamed of your own genitals

Getting oral sex from a person who knows what he is doing is like being in seventh heaven. It is a pity to lose such a luxurious pleasure because of the complexes about their intimate places. And yet this happens.

How to drive him away

We will not get tired of repeating that there is no standard of ideal genitals, and the labia is as diverse as the varieties of roses and styles of dresses. As for “one is more – the other is less”, the human body is generally symmetrical only at first glance. Testicles at different heights in men, breasts or labia of different sizes in women, fingers on the right and left hands, which are slightly different in length from their mirror-like counterparts – this is normal.

Your “lotus flower” is beautiful just the way it is, and made for pleasure. Just accept it and enjoy.


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