1. Sexy shrug

When he is on top, bring your legs together and squeeze them tighter so that his cock involuntarily slides over your clit.


2. Leg up!

In missionary position, bring one knee up to your chest to help it hit your G-spot. Try this with one leg and the other to activate different nerve endings.

3. Pure love

Sit in the tub behind him and wrap your legs around his torso. Pour warm water over his chest and shoulders, following the trail of drops with your fingertips or hot tongue.

4. Got hooked!

Diversify sex while standing against the wall, wrapping one leg around his thigh. This will also help stimulate the G-spot.

5. Simultaneous finish

And here is a simple but ingenious way to synchronize during sex and increase your chances of getting a simultaneous orgasm.

During the missionary position, spread your legs wider. He will begin to make less frictions, and this will slow him down, but at the same time he will put pressure on your clitoris, bringing your denouement closer. So you will overtake him.


6. Cheerful thighs

This is a popular “lap dance” technique as it turns men on. Place him on a chair and sit facing him, holding his hands on the back of the chair. Take turns straddling first one, then the other of his thigh, rub and caress him with the inner surface of your own thighs.

7. Arrange them

In the doggy position, spread your legs as wide as possible to give your partner an excellent view and enhance your own sensations.

8. Open invitation

No wonder the famous scene from “Basic Instinct” has become one of the most memorable and exciting erotic scenes in cinema.

Just spread your legs when he looks at you – and this can have a powerful effect. Catch his eye and oh-oh-very slowly spread your knees. Even if you are dressed, this will be an unambiguous signal that you are offering to move into the bedroom.


9. Play dress up

High stockings are like catnip for a man. Put them on with stilettos and don’t take them off during sex – not only because he will love to look at it, but also because the silky fabric of the stockings will rub nicely against his skin. After a while, languidly pull off one stocking and tie it loosely around the base of his penis, and then tighten it gently. Gentle squeezing will increase the pressure in his dignity, increase erection and sensitivity.


10. Southern Cross

Lie on your back, bring your knees up to your chest and cross your ankles. When he enters you, put your feet on his chest. It will seem to him that it has become tighter to enter you.

11. Synchronized swimming

Sit on the edge of the bed, and then lie on your back with your legs straight up. Let him stand in front of you and take hold of your calves. Let him enter and then move, then spread your legs to the beat of his movements (he enters you and spreads your legs, comes out – and they move again). As long as the legs are apart, he can go deeper. While they are shifted, the entrance seems narrower. And so, and so good. You can alternate sensations.


12. Light resistance

Move your feet tight. To enter you, he will have to forcibly separate them, which will provoke both of you.

13. He is at your feet

Lubricate his penis and lie down on the bed with your hips crossed. Have him slide his cock between your thighs, rubbing against their inner surface until he literally begs for more. Such stimulation will also excite you, and when you finally give up, you will already be on the verge of climax.

14. Frog

In cowgirl pose, lean on your feet, not your knees. This way he will be able to go much deeper, plus you will have more freedom of movement: you can describe circles with your hips, move back and forth, or whatever you like.

15. Butterfly

Diversify ordinary oral sex with an unusual position: sit in a chair with your legs up and holding them with your hands while he caresses you with his tongue.


16. Star support

This method is as old as the world, but it will never get old: put your legs on his shoulders when he is on you, and he will penetrate you as deep as he can.

17. Call of Flesh

When in missionary position he is close to the denouement, wrap your legs around his back and plant your heels in his buttocks. Not only will this help him go deeper, but it will also activate a lot of nerves in his loin, and you will increase your sensations due to the tension in your leg muscles.