If you want to play pranks and give your beloved a lap dance, then why not, in fact? But in order for everyone to be safe: the wolves, and the sheep, and you, and he, and the chairs, we decided to sketch out a short instruction for you. It is not necessary to peek into it when you dance.

The show must go on: 15 tips on how to dance on his knees

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  • The lap dance should last approximately two compositions. For one you warm up, and during the second you already come off to the fullest. But then be guided by yourself: these two songs may seem to you either exhaustingly long, or, conversely, too fast. So keep yourself three – just to be sure.
  • Do a workout. Trite but true, don’t dance when your body is “cold,” even when you feel like you’re just wiggling a little. You still have to strain: for example, if you sit on horseback, it is possible that you can only touch the floor with the tips of your feet.
  • Plan your list ahead of time. And make sure that immediately after You can Leave Your Hat On there is no perky “Red mold”.
  • Don’t do anything you haven’t tried before. This is still a lap dance, whose goal is to excite and excite, refrain from gymnastic somersaults: no splits and bridges, okay?
  • Dim the lights and light the candles. Create a languid atmosphere, but be careful: please don’t hit the candles by accident with your elbow, otherwise the dance will become really hot.
  • Don’t wear heels if you decide to do it late at night. No, if you live in a private house, then, of course, wear whatever you want! But if you and your partner are settled in a regular apartment building, the least sexy thing that can happen is the neighbors ringing the doorbell and complaining that you are “kicking them in the head.”
  • Be careful with mesh stockings. It’s not easy here. They look spectacular, but if your partner is wearing jeans, then you will constantly cling to them – the whole mood is down the drain.
  • Dress in layers. On the one hand, you will like to take off your clothes layer by layer, on the other hand, it’s so corny safer.
  • Try to think over not only what you will be wearing, but also what will be on your partner: it is important that his clothes do not have hard and sharp elements, because you can get scratched or pricked.
  • Instruct your partner what he should do: make him comfortable on the couch, in the armchair or on the bed. Better not on a chair, because a chair is a much less stable structure than the above.
  • Start from afar: turn on the music and slowly walk towards your partner. Don’t immediately jump on his lap, prolong the pleasure, tease him.
  • As you approach, make eye contact. Smile (don’t forget to smile!) – it always turns a partner on.
  • Change position (just not abruptly!): stand over him, sit down, bend, sit on your knees, so get down between his legs … Be in constant motion.
  • Think less about dancing and more about how to connect with a partner, this is much more important than showing your flexibility, honestly.
  • Take pleasure in what you do. And you can wink sometimes. Sounds funny, but it really works.