1. It would be interesting to know what it is like to have an erection? (Me: “How do you feel that he got up?” Husband: “And how do you feel that you bent your finger?”)
  2. What if you’re wearing tight jeans right now? It does not hurt?
  3. Have you ever felt that it is too heavy and pulls you down, as it happens with a woman with large breasts? Our back hurts because of our chest. Don’t you have back pain?
  4. Have you accidentally sat on it?
  5. Why do so many people like to take pictures of their organs?
  6. And why do they treat them so badly that they don’t even care that the photos turn out beautiful?
  7. Are you afraid that he will come on full alert in a crowded place?
  8. Have you ever measured it?
  9. And how much did you intend?
  10. Why do you male architects build skyscrapers even more phallic than the phallus itself?
  11. Some men pee sitting down and say that they are lazy. And others believe that it is “not masculine.” Is it really so important for self-esteem?
  12. Do you have an affectionate nickname for him? Which?
  13. Since you call him by his name, do you really perceive him as an independent being?
  14. Just because your penis likes a girl doesn’t mean you like her, right?