Killing a mood is easier than creating it. Therefore, remember these words well – in order to forget them forever, or rather, to exclude them from your vocabulary in those blissful moments when you have just finished making love and lie relaxed in an embrace.

13 phrases not to say after sex

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  1. “The next morning I asked her if I was a good lover. She said that I would definitely be in the top 50!” —D., 32
  2. We need to hurry, now my husband will come home from work.“. – T-34
  3. I expected more.” This phrase can just kill a man’s self-esteem.” — William Kane, author of The Art of Kissing
  4. “I was on a business trip and met, as it seemed to me, the woman of my dreams. Clinging to her after our most tender lovemaking and just beaming with happiness, I whispered in her ear: “Well, how are you?” She answered: “Better than teething”. — D., 32
  5. Excellent. Now go.” It’s kind of heartless.” — E., Relationship Specialist
  6. “The worst thing you can say after sex is to mention something even remotely related to his mother. His pleasure will vanish in nanoseconds. Trust me, I did something wrong once.” — T., 32
  7. “If I were you, I’d learn how to satisfy women.” — K., 26
  8. “The worst thing a woman can say to a man after sex is: “It was good”. It’s like saying “okay” to her about a new haircut or dress. Sex doesn’t have to be “not bad”, it has to be great, cool, stunning, divine, incomparable. You can just say, “Wow,” and the guy will know he’s up to the task.” – T., “professional pickup artist”
  9. I love you”. This happened to me when I was a student. It was very embarrassing because we had just started dating.” — N., 27
  10. “The worst thing a woman can say to a man after having sex with him is compare it with another. Even if the comparison is in his favor, the guys don’t want to hear it. As a family therapist, I know that this leads to unnecessary fights and problems. Focus only on him!” – Psychotherapist Rachel Tomasian, family and marriage counselor.
  11. “Never say: “I wanted you to last longer.” This will only deepen his complexes, but will not solve the problem. — A., dating expert
  12. “I met this naive guy much younger than me shortly after I went through a breakup. Before me, he had only fleeting relationships with two women. We started a fuss, and I began to caress him with my hand. just a lake of sperm.I didn’t have time to think and blurted out:Wow… Haven’t you ever played with yourself?» — D., 35
  13. Don’t ask for compliments on your sexual talents. It sounds pathetic and turns guys off. The last thing a man wants to do after sex is to comfort you and fight your complexes. — Nikki Ransome, sex therapist.