12. Ears (earlobes). A great place to start foreplay, and foreplay is a turn-on.

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11. Ankles and feet. As the favorite legend of our grandmothers says, when the ladies wore skirts to the heels, and the beauty, getting into the carriage, slightly raised the hem and showed her ankles, the gentlemen of the past centuries, not spoiled by the nudity, who witnessed this spectacle, fainted from the sweet erotic shock.

10. Knees. This is a very sensitive place, which means it deserves to be included in this list.

9. Vagina. We don’t know why she ended up in ninth place. It must have been too literal to put her on the first, and disrespectful on the last. Let’s say it’s a compromise.

8. Back. Don’t be upset that he can’t see your face in certain poses – because he might admire your back instead. And when you arch it like a cat, stretching sweetly, it brings him into ecstasy.

7. Belly. It does not have to have cubes at all, like an overtrained Instagram star (the social network is recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation), and all that. It has soft skin and is halfway between points 9 and 4.

6. Clavicles. A place that most touchingly looks out of the neckline of clothing and serves as a haven for a traveler who covers your body with kisses and moves from lips to chest.

5. Pelvic bones. Two seductive underwires that form a V and peek out from jeans, skirts and bikinis like an arrow pointing the way to pleasure.

4. Bust / hollow between the breasts. Here no comments are required.

3. Buttocks. A kind of bust of the southern hemisphere of the female body.

2. Mouth. Is it closed or open. When you lick your lips or bite your lower lip. When you whisper passionate words and confessions. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the mouth is the service outlet of the heart.

1. Eyes. And their disarming gaze.


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