You must have heard that life after the birth of children becomes different. Well, it’s true! Physical changes, emotional upheaval, a new schedule – all this awaits every mother. But what if we tell you: sex will also be different, but it will help you survive stress and not go crazy in these difficult days? The main thing is to know these 12 facts about how your relationship with your husband will be after the baby is born.


You will have to wait four to six weeks

It doesn’t matter if you gave birth by yourself or by caesarean section: you will need to wait for the green light from the doctor, and only after receiving his permission, go to bed. The gynecologist must make sure that the cervix has closed, the bleeding has subsided and all cracks, tears and stitches have healed. And if you start having sex before this happens, it can lead to infections or re-injury.

Only penetrative sex is prohibited

And everything else is allowed: for example, oral sex, mutual masturbation or petting. It is high time to abandon the mossy stereotype that sex begins only when the penis is in the vagina. The birth of a child is not a reason to reconsider your views on life?


Might hurt

It is likely that the first time you have sex after giving birth, you will feel like you are losing your virginity again. Don’t be scared – it’s normal. Even if you’ve had a caesarean section, hormonal changes can lead to vaginal dryness, making penetration uncomfortable. It also happens that six weeks after a natural birth is not enough for all injuries to heal.

So, when you are about to return to the “big sex”, do not forget to take silicone lubricant with you: it will protect the places that are sensitive after injuries. And also choose positions where you control the pace, angle and depth of penetration yourself: for example, a rider. After a caesarean section, “spoons” are perfect: they do not load the part of the abdomen on which the scar remains.


Contraception is required!

Forget your grandmother’s tales about how you won’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding. Gynecologists say that you can still ovulate – even if there is no period during this period. So use condoms or ask your doctor what other methods of contraception are right for you.


Your vagina will not turn into a “bucket”

She is not jeans or a T-shirt that stretches once and for all. Our vagina has the unique ability to push out a baby weighing several kilograms and return to its original size. All the talk about “throwing a sausage into the hallway” is a myth that they just want to spoil your mood and make you doubt yourself.

Scientists proved this in 2013. They conducted an experiment: 165 women used a special sensor to measure vaginal pressure a year before giving birth, and in a group of women who gave birth naturally after the birth of a child, it became only slightly lower. And this did not affect either the potency or the sexual pleasure of their partners!


Your libido can go on vacation…

And perhaps, after the first month of lack of sleep, you will want to follow him. Life with a baby is a hefty burden in itself, which discourages the desire to somersault in bed. And breastfeeding also changes the level of hormones, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire. A little life hack: hug your husband more often – this releases oxytocin, which strengthens the emotional connection between you and reduces stress.


…or return as big as if you spent the summer in the village with your grandmother

For some women, a six-week break is a real torture: 40% of new mothers admit that they masturbate all this time. There is no rule that all women fall under: sex drive will be different for different girls. But whatever yours is, that’s fine!


Childbirth excites men

A University of Michigan study found that men who were present when their baby was born in the delivery room reported higher attraction to their wife after childbirth than those who were afraid to hold their spouse’s hand. So stop considering this process disgusting and leading men to erectile dysfunction.


He may have to look for new erogenous zones

Leave your chest alone. A baby suckling milk is beautiful only in pictures, but in life, breastfeeding is dryness and cracked nipples. So it’s not surprising if you want them not to be touched once again. It’s okay: use this opportunity and see what other parts of the body turns you on when you touch it.

Get ready to blast!

Alas, this is not about squirt, but about milk. It may squirt out of your chest at the wrong time – this is due to the fact that the oxytocin produced during sex is responsible not only for attachment and emotional intimacy, but also for the production of milk. If you’re worried about leaking, wear a padded nursing bra, try expressing your milk before going to bed, or just keep a towel handy.


Don’t be ashamed of your body

His changes are normal! It is sex for us, not us for sex. Use bed to regain your confidence, not lose it. And do not forget about the little things: let your husband sit with the child while you go to the beauty salon, take a bath or just sleep.

Get used to planning

A small, noisy housemate is not very conducive to spontaneity, nightly feedings can easily replace bed play, and an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning can seem much more desirable than sex. A child will take a lot of energy, and planning is one way to save your intimate life. By the way, it can be very sexy. Do not trust? Try sending your husband a sex request on the Google calendar for 21:30 and see what happens.


And most importantly – remember: after the birth of a child, life will really change. But who said it’s for the worse? This is a great chance to get closer to each other and make sex more intimate than ever. So enjoy it like before – or even more!