1. Never again!

“One of the worst moments of my life was when I was caught doing this! My girlfriend and I wanted to try it, booked seats in the back row. She went to the toilet, I followed her in a minute. We dreamed about it for a long time and tuned in, so the process went well. And at the most crucial moment, the stewardess began to knock on the door and demand to leave immediately: she knows what we are doing. We looked at each other in horror, and everything passed at once. We quickly got dressed, went out – and felt that all the neighbors were looking at us! They woke up when the stewardess knocked on the door. It was very embarrassing, and at the exit she showed us to the pilots, ”- Denis, 25 years old.


2. It was a great adventure

“It’s been 8 hours of a 13-hour flight across half the world. The flight attendants went to rest, almost all the passengers were asleep. The closest non-working toilet was nearby. She went inside, I followed her, everything went well. No one noticed anything,” Maxim, 30 years old.

3. We liked it very much

“I told the flight attendant on boarding that the girl needed help going to the bathroom. And he explained this story by the fact that in the last flight they tried to ban us from it (but it was a lie). Toward the end of the flight, we entered the restroom and had sex. We are both small in size, but it was quite difficult, although beautiful!” — Andrew, 27 years old.

4. Everyone was sleeping

“Night flight, low light. Everything was quite a long time ago, even before the attacks, and the flight attendants were not too attentive. Everyone around was asleep. We did not even go to the toilet, but covered ourselves with a large blanket and slightly lowered our pants. Put a tick, ”- Sergey, 24 years old.


5. I was shy about passengers

“My girlfriend and I flew to Spain and sat in two seats on the right, there were five in the middle and three more on the left. She put a blanket on my feet, hid under it and started giving me a blowjob. It was inconvenient, because there were other passengers sitting nearby. I tried very hard not to move so that no one would notice. But it was still very nice. It’s a different story to go to the toilet to wipe everything and not get your pants dirty,” Oleg, 29 years old.


6. Everything worked out!

“We both had a few drinks during the flight. Then she went to the toilet, I followed her a little later. It was very fast and passionate, it took literally a minute. We got out, stumbled upon the understanding look of the steward, looked at each other and did not talk about all this until the end of the flight, ”Yuri, 25 years old.


7. I even looked in the mirror!

“We did it with old love. The plane was packed, we chose a time when the flight attendants were serving lunch and there was no one behind. We met in the toilet, we were comfortable in a doggy-style pose, I even managed to look at myself in the mirror. Then we realized that someone was standing outside the door. I went out, saw a middle-aged woman and said that the toilet was dirty and she had better go to another one. She thanked for the warning and left,” Kirill, 23.

8. Everyone was silent

“Long flight, we met in the toilet, had time to do oral sex, and regular. They returned to their places. Even if someone noticed, they didn’t say anything,” Renat, 27 years old.

9. Didn’t even get up!

“There were few passengers on the flight, and we calmly had sex right on the spot,” Dmitry, 30 years old.


10. Did the job – walk boldly

“Everyone on the plane was asleep. We wanted to get up and go to the toilet, but fell asleep. We woke up when the sun rose, and with it half of the passengers. But we’re already set! She went to the toilet, I went up, knocked and was also inside. When I got out, I ran into the steward. He looked at me strangely and I asked for water because the girl was having an epileptic seizure. He brought water, I gave it to her and sat down, then she returned. It was fun,” Yaroslav, 31.