1. “Nothing, nothing, everything will work out now.” Who said the mission failed? It just takes a little longer than expected. Maybe it’s the longest cunnilingus ever, or he’s been trying so hard he’s been sweating so much he’s dehydrated like he’s lost in the desert, but the guy isn’t ready to give up that easily yet.
  2. “It hasn’t been this long.” He is not yet ready to come to terms with the idea that you will not finish, because he will take it as his own failure. But already he glances at his watch in amazement and casually shakes his closed leg. He still doesn’t want to admit to himself that you almost gave up. “Nothing, everything is fine,” you console him, trying to bend him into a tantric pretzel in pursuit of an orgasm.
  3. “Maybe it’s my fault.” He is overtaken by doubts about the perfection of his own bed skills, and he tries his best, looking at you with a hypnotic look to inspire you with an orgasm by the power of thought. Or he brushes aside the thought that it is in him, and inspires himself that you feel so fabulously good that you deliberately delay the finale in order to have time to get more pleasure.
  4. “The guard is tired.” When will you finally be able to sleep peacefully?
  5. “And if you try in a different position?” You have not experienced everything yet, there are chances.
  6. “What am I doing wrong?” He tries to find the reason and clear his conscience. Like a surgeon who frantically tries to save a patient and has the right to say later: “I’m sorry, but we really did our best.”
  7. “Is it okay if I cum?” He says it out loud. Well, at least he asked. Say “yes” – he tried so hard!
  8. “Maybe we can just cuddle up for a bit?” It’s a clever way to admit defeat without directly announcing that he’s giving up on trying. And the exhausted man falls into a sleep full of nightmares about bed failures while you try to finish the job yourself, trying not to wake him up.
  9. “Sorry”. What else can you add besides…
  10. “We’ll try next time.” The morning is wiser than the evening. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday. It’s not the end of the world, and with a new attempt, everything will work out as it should.