“I don’t know if that counts, but it happened at my first job. I had just turned 16 at the time and got a job at an ice cream parlor across from my house. I had a not so good boss, he hired three girls for the whole summer, and we worked alone the whole shift from 15:00 to 22:30. We closed at 10:00 pm, but the people living next door always showed up at 9:59 pm. Everything was fine, because I believed that everyone would be polite.


Many adult men came alone and, noticing that there was no one but me, they began to flirt. Okay, this is my job after all. But some demanded to give them my phone number and said really nasty things to me. When I said that I was only 16, they usually stopped, but always added: “Oh, I didn’t know that you were so young, you were so sexy that you could be my girlfriend.” It is probably not necessary to add that I quit before the end of the summer.


“When I worked as a librarian, one of the sponsors literally persecuted me for not giving him my personal phone number. Visitors often showed me naked photos of a sexual nature. Married men made obscene proposals to me, and they were not embarrassed that their children were standing right next to them. Some of my colleagues had sponsors waiting in the parking lot after work, others received intimate messages on social networks.



“I work as a waitress, so every day I face harassment from visitors. Harassment is, one might say, part of the culture in every restaurant. The kitchen staff often comment on female managers and waitresses. The saddest thing about this is that chefs are valued more and guarded better than waitresses. One of the managers said in plain text that anyone can bring a drink, but not everyone can make an omelet.”


“I was 21 years old, I worked as a bartender in a restaurant, my manager said that I should show my boobs to attract more customers. It was seven o’clock in the evening, there were a lot of children in the restaurant. I laughed at him and said that maybe if the children left. It was my first job as a bartender.”




“I work in the service industry. Women in this business have to endure sexism and harassment because they are part of the business. I run bartenders and I have three bosses, all men. One of them forced me into a relationship with him, and now that we’re done, he keeps threatening to kick me out of my job. The other two, under different circumstances, described in great detail what their members looked like and revealed the details of their intimate life. But even this behavior is relatively innocent compared to what I had in my previous job. I constantly asked my former boss to remove his hands from my waist and buttocks, and he not only refused to do this, but also complained to other male colleagues that I did not allow him to touch me. And they laughed at me. Later I was made redundant when I got pregnant.”



“I went to college and worked in a grocery store. A new manager came to us, who got this place by fraud. Once, when I opened the store, he was there. I went to the back room to fetch spices, and he suddenly pushed me against the racks and asked if I had done this before with a black man. Luckily, before I could answer, another colleague of mine walked in and the manager just laughed and left. I told another manager that I didn’t want to be on shift with that jerk anymore. In the end, that manager left. No, they didn’t fire him, they just transferred him to another store.”


“Once I worked in a company and was transferred from one department to another. On my last day, one of my colleagues pushed me into a corner and pulled out his cock. When I stared at him and started yelling, asking what he was up to, he replied that he just wanted to make sure I had a chance to see his farm before he was fired. The same day later, another colleague of mine started molesting me in the elevator. When I pushed him away, he called me a bitch. In general, I decided not to transfer to another department, but to quit the company. Now I work in a women’s team in a charitable organization. I don’t even want to imagine a return to the world of corporate culture.”




“Probably should have shared this earlier. My first job was in law school, and I was constantly molested by my boss. Due to economic problems, I was hired on a temporary basis, but with the prospect of permanent employment. From day one, my boss, twice my age, didn’t let me through. He sent me flowers and gifts, he always came into my office, locked the door and pawed me … I could not say anything, because I really needed a job, I wanted to become a full-fledged employee, I had no other prospects. In the end, I was registered in the state, but the harassment did not stop. He called me at night – although he knew that I had a boyfriend. I said nothing again: the trial period lasted six months. Finally, he asked me to go on a date and lost his temper when I refused. Suddenly, all the bonuses went to my colleague. My chances for a promotion were rapidly declining. I did my job well, I had great reviews. When he did something terrible, I called a colleague and offered to switch offices – he had long wanted to work in the center. We have confirmed the exchange. I know my boss has been accused of harassment several times, but no one has done anything. In the end, he retired with honors. However, he soon had a heart attack and died. Good”.


Audrey Springsteen

“I was working for a Democratic Congressman at the time. One of his employees constantly hit on me, I told his boss (and my former mentor) about this. She replied that I was exaggerating and that he was just drunk. On election night, at a victory party, he told me that I could forget politics if I didn’t sleep with him. His boss heard what he said, but didn’t react at all and continued to support him. In the end, he raped me. I did not report this to the police because I knew that the chance of justice was close to zero. When I told about this, my rapist and his boss began to threaten me.

Fortunately, I found another place, also connected with politics, where I am supported. But I have now learned the lesson that not all “feminists” truly believe in what they say.


Holly Fussell

“I worked with a real psychopath: he talked all the time about how he loves to cum on a girl’s face. I watched porn at work on my phone and thought it was fun to show me disgusting footage during my break. It is strange that no one fired him, although the girls complained about him. When I moved, he was still working there.”

Jackie Demchak