The reasons for a sharp drop in libido can be both physiological and psychological or situational in nature. Remember exactly when it started, whether the transition happened suddenly or the situation worsened gradually.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Of course, the easiest way to find out what the problem is is to ask directly. But if a man is depressed or ashamed of his difficulties, he may not speak up and try to find a way out on his own.


He went into andropause

Or, as doctors still say, age-related androgen deficiency sets in.

You will be surprised, but many experts agree that men have a period similar to the female menopause. Fortunately for men, not so suddenly and not so abruptly. As men age, it is natural for a man to experience a certain decline in sexual desire. Approximately 30% of men around the age of 50 experience symptoms of andropause, which is caused by low testosterone levels.

As a rule, the treatment of this problem is medical in nature: doctors may prescribe drugs that increase testosterone levels or antiestrogen therapy.

Low Testosterone

Not always the low level of this hormone is associated with age. How to determine that your partner may have problems with testosterone? In addition to low sexual desire, you can replace that he is always in a bad mood, he is tired, he has lost weight.



Don’t despair, this condition is curable.

Antidepressants and other medicines

Some antidepressants have this side effect: they reduce sex drive. Even if your partner is not specifically taking medication for depression, if he is on other drugs, check their side effects. Perhaps his reluctance to have sex with you is explained simply.

Excessive exercise

If your partner prefers to spend all their free time in the gym rather than in bed, you can rejoice. But not much. Because excessive stress can also lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

Researchers at the University of Northern California conducted a study of 1,077 active men who ran, swam, biked and lifted weights. Those men who exercised at low intensity were seven times less likely to complain about their level of sexual desire than those who trained at the limit.


Sleep disorders

To be honest, low libido is the most harmless thing that can happen to a person if he is deprived of healthy sleep. A 2011 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that sleep deprivation for more than one week (less than 5 hours per night) in young men resulted in a 15% lower testosterone level.

external stress

Trite, but true. There is a time when not only do you not want sex – even getting up in the morning is an impossible task. If your partner is going through a difficult period at work, tense relationships with parents or friends, it is logical that his body throws all its strength into fighting stress.


High levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol are closely linked to low libido.

He is ashamed of himself

Do not think that complexes are peculiar only to you. He may just as well be dissatisfied with the appearance of his own body. Maybe he’s put on a couple of extra pounds and now doesn’t want you to see him getting fat, or he feels like he’s starting to lose shape. Be that as it may, do not discount the fact that he is simply embarrassed to appear in front of you without clothes.


He watches too much porn

Like any easily accessible pleasure, pornography is easily addictive. It’s all about dopamine, the hormone responsible for the pleasure of achieving your goal. Simply put, when you watch porn, your brain is telling you, “Wow! We love it, I want this thing. Right now!” And when you have an orgasm, your brain very quickly forms a causal relationship, whispering to you: “We can do this whenever we want. How simple it is!” This is really simple. Simplicity captivates. And during real sex, you need to strain, move and think about how to please your partner.


you had a fight

If you see that everything is in order with his erection, but at the same time he continues to treat you with a chill, remember if you have had a disorder lately. It is likely that you have already forgotten about that minor trouble, but he is still rushing about with his resentment.

You pick the wrong time

It may well be that you are a fan of morning sex, and in the morning he only wants to pour a cup of coffee into himself and stick his sleepy body under a cool shower. Or, on the contrary, in the evenings you are full of energy, and he only wants to get under the covers and fall asleep. Whatever it was, try to offer him to have sex at a different time of the day – maybe this is the reason for all the troubles?

He just doesn’t want

Yes, this happens too. There is simply no mood, a lot of things have piled up, I want to withdraw into myself and think a little in solitude. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one.