love your body

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The hardest part, to be honest. How rarely do we look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are beautiful. In fact, love for your own body is one of the keys to successful sex. Our body loves and protects us, and we often answer it with black ingratitude. Every night before bed, look at your reflection and praise at least one part of your body. Aloud. Yes, say so: “I have very beautiful breasts, I like them so much!” It sounds ridiculous, but let this be the first simple step towards self-love.


Be more picky

Not in the sense of choosing sexual partners not lower than two meters with an aggregate of at least 20 cm, but in the sense of listening to yourself. Treat any doubts in favor of doubts. If he asks you to have sex with him, and you don’t like the way his breath smells or that he keeps stroking your arm even though you’ve already told him that it annoys you, refuse. Your great sex is waiting for you elsewhere. By the way, this rule works not only with strangers.

If your tipsy boyfriend came home late and is seeking love, stop thinking it’s “easier to give.” Sex is meant to be a mutual pleasure, so let him sleep on the couch.

Learn more about sex

In recent years, many wonderful books about sexual culture have been published. For example, Naomi Wolf “Vagina. The history of female sexuality “or Emily Nagoski” As a woman wants. Master class on the science of sex. They are worth reading, if only because they are well written, but you will surely find in them a lot of interesting facts that will be useful to you in practice.



Don’t endure

You can say “no” at any time. Absolutely in anyone – even if he is already inside and has begun to move. No one can force you to endure until the end, if you do not like what is happening – remember this.

Don’t lie to your partner

Needless to say, the sex was just dizzying if it was just good. Dear. Normal.

Simulating an orgasm is a sin that is found in a huge number of women. If your partner follows the principle of “ladies first” and endures until you reach orgasm, you should not push him with fake moans, just whisper in your ear: “I want you to come” and the issue will be resolved.

Never neglect safety

Remember, there are no “safe days”, not to mention the risks that you may face with an unfamiliar partner. So the condom is your best friend. This is if you do not plan to become a mother in the near future.


Buy yourself a sex toy

Something small, inexpensive and only yours. Whether you will talk about your acquisition or not is up to you, but this little thing should be only yours. If this is your first toy, it’s better to buy it yourself – don’t ask a friend or boyfriend, look through the site of a sex shop, look at it, ask a consultant about everything that interests you.

If you are already an experienced user of sex devices, look for something new. Let’s say if you have a regular small dildo, you might be interested in clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, or oddly shaped masturbators.

masturbate more often

We write about this every time, so it doesn’t hurt to repeat this simple truth in New Year’s resolutions. Even if you have a regular partner, masturbation will make you more relaxed and sensual, not to mention getting to know your body and your desires better.


Learn how to do erotic massage and teach your partner

As they say, the best gift is a handmade one. Or lips. Or nipples. Erotic massage is good for everyone: strong hands are not needed, and special courses can be searched for free on the Internet. More oil, candles that create hygge, and go ahead, caress each other.

Play a sex game for once

At least in some: sex shops offer a lot of exciting board games, which are best played together. You’ll see, it’s fun and exciting.