The first sex is a nervous moment for any person. After all, he is plunging into the abyss of the unknown! Here is what women remember about how they were the first among men.

“And behaved like an experienced!”: 10 honest opinions about sex with a virgin


  1. “Depends on the guy and your relationship. One of them was a great lover, obeyed me, had a great experience. The other was enough for ten seconds. I didn’t focus on this, but he immediately ran away and never appeared again,” Marina, 29 years.
  2. “I had one such experience, not very pleasant. He did not understand what to do, so he immediately tried penetration sex. I warned that you need to start with foreplay, and he inserted two fingers into me and pressed a couple of times! He me didn’t listen, in the end I didn’t get excited and it hurt. In general, nothing pleasant, ”Karina, 24 years old.
  3. “Technically he was a virgin: he only had oral sex with his ex. It was fun! I think that if a man develops sexuality gradually, he takes care to please the woman. And when we got to regular sex, everything was fine, because we knew each other very well and we almost always have orgasms together!” — Natalia, 30 years old.
  4. “I had these. I like to open the world of sex to men. It is interesting to observe their reaction and get feedback,” Alla, 34 years old.
  5. “It was nice. He really wanted me to be pleased, so he has a good chance of growing into a great lover. If he had not said that he was a virgin, I would not have known. He let it out when I was on top !” — Olga, 29 years old.
  6. “11 out of 10! He wasn’t sure he could handle full sex, so we practiced foreplay for a couple of months. He liked to learn, so I was happy to teach him about the intricacies of sex. And our first time was fantastic!” — Evelina, 37 years old.
  7. “It was wonderful. He prepared well: lit candles, put on my favorite song, performed everything at the highest level. It seems that I cried for the first time after sex!” — Alice, 29 years old.
  8. “He was a little shy, so I helped put on the condom and got on top the first time.” —Maria, 25
  9. “The first time we were both virgins and it went weird but not bad. The second time was more interesting and he only confessed after sex!” — Elena, 34 years old.
  10. “Terrible! His penis was huge, and he thought that was why he had great sex. And that since he watched a lot of porn, he would be an ace in bed. Alas,” Yana, 32 years old.