1. Horsemen rule. “I always thought that girls who regularly ride a horse are good at saddling something else.”
  2. Frankness. “If you can talk openly about sex without getting embarrassed or blushing, that’s a good sign. How can you satisfy your needs and the needs of your partner if you can’t even discuss it?”
  3. Computer geniuses. “Most programmers I know have such a powerful sexual frustration that when they get to the point, they do such things in bed that I have never had it with anyone else.”
  4. Musicians. If someone deftly manages the strings and keys, the thought involuntarily arises that it would be nice to be under his fingers. “Pick any musical instrument and you’ll find horny people who would love to experience it in bed.” (Spoons? Triangle? Theremin?)
  5. Dirty dancing. It would be strange if no one mentioned this. Of course, rhythmic movements in the upright position suggest that a great dancer is just as good in the horizontal position.
  6. Yoga. Other asanas cannot be distinguished from the postures of the Kama Sutra. If a person is a master of tying knots on a yoga mat, then nothing prevents him from showing miracles of flexibility on a featherbed. (Honey, how about “downward-facing dog”?)
  7. Sense of humor and healthy self-irony. “It’s rather strange, but I managed to notice that a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself is an indicator of good lovers. Even if they’re not experts, having a fun approach and not trying to be perfect makes a huge difference.”
  8. The ability to twist the hula-hoop. Many agreed with this. Why? Perhaps because it gives the ability to control your body and keep the right rhythm.
  9. Swimmers. Rhythmic and powerful movements of strong and almost naked bodies… The association is clear.
  10. Good listeners. “People who listen carefully to what you say to them are also attentive to how you react to certain things, and this leads them to understand what you love.” Well said!